How small and medium enterprises to carry out marketing forum

development of small and medium-sized enterprises forum marketing must first clear what is the marketing concept marketing forum, the forum is very simple is the key to your understanding, different people from different positions they may have on the forum marketing understanding is not the same.

forum marketing: small and medium enterprises to use the Internet platform to carry out this forum is to carry out marketing activities, this is a simple definition, very simple. But how do you understand this simple word?

General understanding of

in small and medium sized enterprises: Forum marketing is the release of product and service information in the forum posts, promotion of enterprise products and services, this is by far the most identification method of small and medium-sized enterprises, generally believe that the forum marketing is to release information of enterprise products and services in the forum. And this statement is very one-sided and narrow.

forum marketing since the platform with the forum, the Forum Forum marketing should have the characteristics of this platform, the first that features the forum this platform, the forum also called community, BBS means bulletin board. Forum platform is the biggest feature of interaction, exchange.

from the characteristics of BBS forum marketing to see the importance of interaction and exchange, such as you are planning a topic in a forum, or if no one in your replies so special a little, so in forum marketing is to promote the interaction and communication.

SME forum marketing operations based on the steps:

first, small and medium-sized enterprises are the first in the country’s major well-known professional website registered account that vest.

second, small and medium-sized enterprises vest each forum or less than 10, this is to ensure that the condition of the hype.

third, small and medium-sized enterprises want to in the large forum have special personnel management account, post replies, etc..

fourth, the topic of small and medium enterprises to be novel, that is, creative, to have a certain degree of creativity will attract readers.

fifth, the topic of small and medium enterprises planning to have a certain appeal, that the title to a certain appeal, to attract readers.

sixth, the content of small and medium enterprises must have a certain level of planning, after watching the user feel something to say.

seventh, the small and medium-sized enterprise personnel should actively participate in reply, encourage other users reply, you can also reply with his vest.

eighth, the small and medium-sized enterprise personnel should properly guide users to reply, don’t let the events in the opposite direction.

ninth, small and medium enterprises to carefully monitor the effect. At the same time pay attention to improve.

tenth, small and medium-sized enterprises to timely and carry out communication forum administrator, familiar with the administrators and moderators of the forum to help forum marketing.

for the time being, these 10 points, in fact, there are other aspects to be excavated and summarized. Small and medium enterprises

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