Best online marketing

eight website promotion method, is a long-standing problem, I am also through the promotion of my own website here, so you can see

a navigation site login

for a traffic is not large, the popularity of the site is not high, the navigation site can bring you traffic far more than search engines and other methods.

two, friendship connection

friendship connection can bring a stable flow of passenger. In addition to help sites in GOOGLE and other search engine rankings.

three, search engine landing ranking

search engine to bring traffic to the site will be more and more large, landing there are landing cavalry and many other software. But the most effective or manual landing. By hand landing to NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines have brought a lot of traffic. Some of the other portals currently take a toll landing, you can choose according to their own circumstances.

four, online advertising

Although the

network advertising to spend money, but the flow of the site is very objective, but how to spend the least money to get the best results, which requires a lot of skills.

five, mail advertising

advertising messages are mostly spam, the main reason is because the e-mail address selection, mail design and other reasons. Advertising messages to be designed to make people like, issued to those who do not hate it, it is not easy.

viral marketing is the main method by mutual benefit, let users to help their own publicity, create a virus like the same effect. Here are a few common methods:

seven, BBS publicity

BBS publicity, although the effort, but the effect is very good. The details of winning, network marketing, website promotion, comprehensive attack. Ha ha! BBS propaganda to choose their own potential customers in the BBS, or popularity is better BBS. BBS propaganda note several strategies:

1. Do not direct advertising. This post is very easy to be deleted as advertising stickers.

eight, event promotion

campaign publicity is also a good way of publicity, but not what activities can have an effect, want to have a good effect, we must have a good plan. A few years ago, a 72 – hour online survival test allowed, a web site with just a couple of months, to become famous overnight. Dreamer. Powered by


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