Network marketing e commerce search marketing highlight focus showdown

industry believes that with the Internet has become more and more popular, and gradually towards the popularity of the Internet has brought about a different social life has changed. Convenient, fast, efficient and other terms commonly used to describe the advantages of the Internet, which has been more and more attention to the application of e-commerce is to give a new effect expectations.

The emergence of

e-commerce platform led to the continuous prosperity of e-commerce, from the enterprise B2B shops to online shopping, e-commerce diversification and integration of the means to enjoy the show. At the same time, with the strong promotion of network marketing, from the individual to the enterprise, from the enterprise to the country, the application of e-commerce has to a certain extent, enhance the mutual image between the three.

this is why individuals will spare no effort in Taobao, Jingdong and other sites in the business, enterprise promotion in Alibaba, such as e-commerce platform, the state change from the international image as the starting point to the world’s major media on national advertising. Of course, rational look at these phenomena, in fact, returned to the marketing strategy. All relevant business affairs, unprofitable thing is no one to do, e-commerce also have a strong commercial atmosphere, or from the three point of view, the effect of the king, is the fundamental interests of the national level but also can hardly be avoided.

but then again, because of the Internet, it was derived from the network economy, because of e-commerce, network marketing has a more powerful promotion opportunities. Search engine marketing, or e-commerce website promotion, and slowly became the main means of network marketing for most enterprises. With the increase of the promotion, the small and medium-sized enterprises begin to realize the advantages of e-commerce opportunities to make up for the disadvantages of traditional business. When faced with a large propaganda, the actual inquiry less, lower transaction conversion difficulties, e-commerce has become a straw, save it is not only small and medium-sized enterprise crisis’s weak, but also in the transformation of economic growth mode of the national salvation. Under the reputation of the diversified forms of network marketing has gradually been attached importance to the positive role of e-commerce attention.

among them, search engine marketing takes the lead in the effect of e-commerce. Has always been considered to be a new model of e-commerce B2B search, compared to the general search engine, B2B search business opportunities offered by the information more accurate, more professional and more depth; and compared with the traditional B2B portal website, and can provide more comprehensive, more objective and more diversified information resources. The professional B2B business search engine has been a good user experience to enhance the trust and loyalty of the business, search engine marketing also has full of enthusiasm and hope.

as the first B2B into the search field to bring advanced a hundred responses to a single call, to the user experience. The company official said, enterprises spend B2B open online shops, not instant success, but you have to actually provide and capture opportunities. Enterprise shops to provide a platform for the sale of products

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