What brings the opportunity to the website marketing

The ultimate goal of

enterprise website is to achieve online sales, a wide range of topics that should be called the era of network marketing. From a narrow point of view to consider the effect of site optimization directly affects the performance of the website marketing. Here, the author Dennis to ask you a question, what is the optimization of the site optimization? Or that we should from which aspects to optimize the site? See the problem most people reckon they think SEO optimization techniques! And for site marketing really nothing is clearly? Impossible!

website marketing in order to get online results, the site itself, the quality of the industry, trust is essential. And these are our site optimization work is starting point. The following is the author Dennis and take a look at several website marketing to


first, the key point of website optimization: website quality.

website quality frankly is website quality. Generally, when we think about the quality of your website is the website content, website quality is in fact a comprehensive value, content information is just one of them, of course we can see it as a subject but not all.

1, web site design is the quality of the first integral point. When the user enters the site should be the first to see the site’s appearance, clear site layout, color page layout will give the user the first impression points, but also increase the user experience. If your page design is not the theme of the industry with a powerful and unconstrained style collocation, it will take a user and search engine bad impression, what impression that


2, website content is the first concern of the site quality. We know that the user needs is mainly through the site to display the content of the solution. Users can solve the problem of the site will be loved by users, but also to get votes. Therefore, the content of the website to your fine not more expensive, expensive not expensive redundancy, in order not to increase the website and the information on the website of the wind horse waste and not to. As a result, do not say first can be included, even included may also because the discrepancy was penalized, The loss outweighs the gain.


second, website optimization focus: industry authority recognition.

a website in order to get the user’s recognition, the first step is to start in the field of authoritative recognition. Let users and other competitors in the industry can be based on you, so as to enhance the search engine to your attention. Generally speaking, the authority of the user to identify the site is mainly through the site’s weight score, even if Baidu denied the existence of weights, but can not be denied that the weight of the importance of the user’s heart. Dennis before lifting the weights of the website told a lot of methods, there is not much to do in the. Here to tell you, your site will be able to do a high degree of authority of the industry will affect the correction point, prompting the search engine to your content based, so as to enhance the status of the site in the user’s mind.

third, website optimization >

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