Electricity supplier hit the weight of money effect CPS model value optimization

the last stage, the business enterprise due to higher operating costs, financing difficulties, the number of customers increased reduced, many electricity providers website difficult to continue. Enterprises due to lack of funds forced layoffs or arrears of wages and other news is also common. The VC was also chose to wait even divestment, the entire business circle seems to fall into the "winter"

Although the

enterprise funds tight, but in product promotion budget did not cut. How can we get the best cost-effective return, CPS model has undoubtedly become the first choice of many electricity supplier companies.

CPS cost per sale abbreviation, namely according to the sales results for the actual CPS is an online advertising model, with the actual number of products sold to the settlement costs, marketing is the most direct effect, a promotion channel is currently the most popular in the business circle. Jingdong Mall Marketing Director Zhu Shiyuan had said last year: in 2011, Jingdong sales channels accounted for 20% of the CPS, for this proportion, he was not satisfied, that over 30% is considered reasonable. And Liu Qiangdong also bluntly optimistic about the CPS model, and predicted that the outbreak of this marketing approach will be in 2012.

reporter learned that the CPS model is widely known as the earliest is due to the rise of the third party marketing alliance, the alliance marketing service to advertisers and site owners between products and website advertisers main content matching and tracking orders and execute sales activities, and businesses through exclusive cooperation, joint promotions the Commission incentives and other means to maximize the interests of advertisers and site owners.

The effect of

to the old marketing alliance achievement network as an example, the current company has covered hundreds of mainstream commercial enterprises, with more than 300 thousand of the main site for providing "more effective" CPS advertisement service business enterprise, the enterprise will meet the needs of users of products through the Internet now show consumers, and trigger the user purchase behavior take the number of orders for many tens of thousands of daily business enterprise, millions of transactions, and the proportion is still rising.

a well-known business executives said: in the past, the electricity supplier is just crazy money, too much investment in traditional advertising, but with little success, the price is too low, the enterprise into a vicious spiral of marketing. But now the electricity supplier who tend to be more pragmatic and rational, advertising for more inclined to "effect", the CPS pattern is consistent with the characteristics for electricity supplier companies, the delivery cost is low, easy to grasp the risk, put in effect clearly. CPS model has become one of the means to maximize the value of the electricity supplier advertising investment, and has received more than 80% of the electricity supplier business identity.

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