From the pros and cons of group buying site to talk about the difference of group buying

Groupon caused a network group purchase group purchase mode of cyclone in 2010, because of VCs, began to become the electronic commerce mode of today’s Internet popular, handle network, 24 coupons, cool group, F group, the U.S. group net…… Just one month, hundreds of group purchase website on the Internet lively rash and too much in haste. The company, the group, investors, individual owners are beginning to focus on Buy mode, the country has been part of the site to get the purchase of venture capital, but also part of the network to deceive customers buy exposure. I also bought a group of well-known online purchase of 2 boxes of candy, a personal experience, but also began to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the development of the group.

what is the advantage of the group buying model?

I think, group purchase mode is an ideal mode of win-win, namely business to product or service propaganda function, achieve advertising effect. Individuals get preferential experience, access to affordable. The construction site has gained business advertising reward or merchandise rebate.

what is the disadvantage of the


I think, and then there was a lively hot fried hope to attract wind visual video sites, information release site, like a year and a half of the excitement is only 4, the 5 big brothers survived. So, after the hundred regiments, only a few of the remaining strength of the group buying site. What are the disadvantages of the group buying model? I think the group buying site will eventually be affected by the four products, geographical, capital, influence. From my own point of view in group purchase for, because most in group purchase office young white-collar workers, these people often surf the Internet, to accept new things quickly, based on strength, but also not love after work to go too far to consumption. Therefore, local products are subject to geographical constraints. In addition, the SPA, fitness, such as the non popular needs of consumer services, buy circle is relatively small (I went to a Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, is expected to be a month’s time). Went to 1 times did not go to the second, mainly because of "busy" and feel that doing something more meaningful. The food and beverage group should also consider the time and place to buy a group of people with a meal (after all, a person is not a few dollars to save money because of the relatively distant place). In addition, how to protect the credibility of the network is not the strength of the group buying (such as personal webmaster do) should consider the problem.

webmaster should avoid the main competition to find differentiated

recently, high-end e-commerce platform Tibet mall launched the high-end luxury goods group purchase Cordyceps sinensis, a single product group purchase should be a lively to follow through to try the Tibet mall group purchase, this single product group purchase way before actually has been home building materials category already exists, it is the purchase of building materials, a circle of people groups bargain. Of course, this is similar to Cordyceps high-end consumer goods circle is relatively small, but the consumption capacity is relatively strong, if the high-end products for group purchase is not evolution, luxury >

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