Prepaid card face in September 1st 140 companies submitted licensing exams

in September 1st after my card can use it? "The face of the September 1st life time, recently Beijing prepaid card company customer service telephone consultation increased. Reporters yesterday consulted Beijing several large prepaid card company, the company said the central bank is waiting for a licence in September 1st after normal use. As of yesterday, there are 140 companies submitted a license application.

according to the provisions of the central bank, since September 1st, has not obtained the third party payment license of the enterprise shall not engage in the third party payment business, now only less than 10 days.

can now handle the new card, the business is still running as usual." For the September 1st deadline, Oscar said the customer service staff. The company’s application has been public, waiting for the central bank issued a license, it is estimated that after September 1st will be issued."


card sales staff also said: "many customers like you think, companies can get the license, ten thousand steps back, even if do not get a license, there will be a transition period, will not let the stock before the handle card affected." EBC prepaid card staff also said that after September 1st the stock card can continue to use.

"now we are very anxious, hoping to get a license as soon as possible. Seeing the Mid Autumn Festival is getting closer and closer, no license is really affected in the hand." A prepaid card company is waiting for the person in charge.

central bank issued the first 27 party payment license to the bank card payment and payment based on the Internet, the second installment of the license is issued to the prepaid card based. Insiders said, September 1st is not the last time, as long as it is has been submitted to the third party payment license application materials of the enterprise, after September 1st can continue to carry out business.


card submitted third party payment license application

the company’s reserve balance of 467 million yuan

(reporter Su Manli) reporter learned yesterday from the central bank website, Beijing municipal traffic card has submitted third party payment license application. The company declared materials show that as of July 31, 2011, the company’s reserve balance of 467 million yuan.

card application for prepaid card issuance and acceptance and Internet payment service. Card in Beijing city in addition to take public transportation, but also in Wumart Jingkelong, Jinxiang, etc. many supermarkets use. As of July 31st, the company’s reserve balance of 467112799.65 yuan. According to the current interest rate of 0.5%, the sum of excess income for 6398 yuan gold.

if the prepaid card issuing bank compared to the bank, the deposit is equivalent to the deposit of customers into the bank, and the resulting interest income has also been criticized. After the introduction of the central bank’s management approach clearly states: Payment institutions to accept the payment of the customer does not belong to the payment of the organization’s own property. No payment machine >

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