The concept and category of enterprise network marketing operation

day before, and a tan roots intention customer communication, the customer said he participated in several network marketing training courses, but I still don’t know how to operate their own network marketing planning project, no start. Gen Tan believes that the network marketing project operation has to start with the concept of knowledge about. What exactly is the network marketing operation? This is the first to talk about the concept of operation from


what is the operation?

Tan roots before learning MBA course, the concept of roots has been concluded operation. What is the operation? = = plan, operation management organization, leadership and control of these eight words; what MBA learned? Learn two letters A and B, A is the first letter of English management, B is the first letter of business, MBA is using A (planning, organization, leadership, control) to operate B (business management) of a degree.

in the roots of operations is a view, including planning, organization, leadership and control functions of the four verbs, the front must have clear meaning and attribute to. For example: business operations, project operations, department operations, network marketing operations.

network marketing operation specific category

network marketing operations should actually be the network marketing project operations. Tan roots that the network marketing is the enterprise network marketing operation and fix all the work, including three sections.

one is the strategic planning and operation of network marketing. Analysis of market competition, the audience, and their advantages and disadvantages, refine, threats and opportunities, clear network marketing model, define the goal of network marketing, network marketing development ideas, combing the starting point and steps, planning departments, financial budget, risk control, drawing all kinds of work details.

two is the network marketing business operations. The website (shop) planning and construction, network promotion, sales data analysis, process planning, if the retail network also need to include settlement, warehousing and logistics, operations planning, brand planning etc.. This needs to rely on the overall strategic planning of the business module planning and implementation.

three is team operations management. How many posts are required? How are the duties and responsibilities of each position planning? Post recruitment, training, compensation, assessment, incentives, how to get the daily management of the team and how to manage?. It also needs to rely on the overall strategy to configure the formation and management, different network marketing strategy model, the need for personnel is completely different.

some misconceptions about

misunderstanding one: the network marketing project operations and site operations confused.

as I mentioned earlier, the network marketing operation of the project is from the project of strategic planning, site planning, network promotion, data analysis, team management and so on each module, and website operation is just one of a small, although in some projects, website operation is the core, but the web site operators and network marketing or project operation two completely different concepts.


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