Domain name novice you will not lose money to invest in the domain name

long ago wrote about domain name registration thing, in fact that his is only just getting started a corn worm, but I understood that from the beginning, only a good domain name in order to sell a good price, in order to ensure the benefits in the competition of maize industry!

      my experience to share, of course, just say my personal opinion, perhaps my views on others isn’t worth mentioning, please domestic veteran!

      since the domain name registration must find a good result, the domain name investment the biggest taboo is the "brain fever", the so-called brain fever is actually in the domain name registration when cool enough to think of such a good domain name registration, but after the discovery, in fact, people say this is rubbish, don’t be surprised. Is normal, everyone from different angles, so each domain value is different in each person’s heart.

experience one: when the domain name should be registered to understand, and more standing in a different perspective on the domain to be registered.

often see a lot of meters altar appeared in the so-called hybrid rice, can not say that all of the hybrid rice are garbage, but I said conservative, most of the miscellaneous rice are garbage! So far, I have only one of the domain name such a hybrid rice, although miscellaneous, but very authentic: 315 on behalf of adults, IT do not have to explain, but it is a CN meter!

experience two: when the ideal domain name is registered, you can look for other words to replace, but never in the ideal vocabulary with a few figures.

simply do not engage in investment domain sites if recommendations do not appear such domain name Google-friefox.Cn, seeing friends should be between Google and Firefox "-", in China forever is not recommended.

three: according to the situation, there is no input "-" the habit of most domestic, this kind of domain name is definitely not suitable for domestic investment, of course, if you intend to sell the domain name to go abroad, it is another matter!

is a more popular domain name is a short spell meters, short spell meters suggests that the relatively short names of things, such as:,, the domain name should not be missed, of course, this domain name is not necessarily seen, have become someone else in the bag!

experience four: do the investment domain to try to avoid some of the so-called popular, the reason is popular is not necessarily good, such as registering a company’s new product name, this is a silly thing to do! Of course, there are special! Specific situation needs specific treatment!

grasp the investment, to avoid a large number of waste, special meters, such as 3 digits, 4 digits, have been light, the acquisition of some eager to sell cheap rice may be a good way.

experience five: domain name is the need for capital, there is not enough capital

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