As of 12 Tmall double eleven transactions have been TOP10 provinces of Guangdong behind in the first

sina science and technology news Beijing time at noon on November 11th, as of the end of 12:00:002016 Tmall 11 global Carnival provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) trading volume TOP10 list has been out. Guangdong Province, with about 9 billion 200 million transactions from the top, followed by Zhejiang province and Jiangsu province. The following is the specific transaction amount:

Guangdong: 9281357852.7015

Zhejiang: 7875921218.6198

Jiangsu: 7567001712.5883

Shanghai: 6302147147.5573

Beijing: 4529827448.7047

Shandong: 4001392268.562

Sichuan: 3473624656.6484

Hubei: 3310110862.3286

Fujian: 3153262252.4422

Henan: 3022185858.253

(unit: yuan)

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