Home wash O2O death Countdown burn not loyalty

November 2nd, the network car wash company I love the car wash was CEO Li Dongjin quietly disbanded, there is no statement, there is no formal dissolution of the company meeting. Li Dongjin dissolved the company QQ group, disable commonly used phone number, but also left about 2000000 yuan debt.

it is understood that I love the car wash was established at the end of 2014, so far only 10 months, has received $5 million angel investment, but the A round of financing is not going on.

and other online washing mode, I love the car wash is throwing money subsidies circle users. In July, the best performance of the calculation, I love the car wash every car, a loss of up to 189 yuan.

burn too fast user conversion rate

O2O once thriving home wash the decline now, under the banner of "free car wash, car wash," 1 cents "per 15 yuan discount" advertising mobile tricycle increasingly rare car.

recently, a number of home wash O2O company declared bankruptcy, the market is easy to wash, washing, washing and other e Kung Fu home wash platform have been closed the door business, then a car O2O could not escape the winter capital, has covered 22 City Bo car Pai quietly suspended 5 market service.

what’s wrong with the market? The industry to global network technology said that the cause of death is nothing more than the following, the low conversion rate of car users, financing Miss burn rate, did not focus on the car wash service.

O2O home wash most of the subsidies "burn mode for users, and expect to wash items at this high frequency, for the rate of conversion of other maintenance projects. The source said, with the home wash coupons, unable to retain customers, once home big discount, the customer will go where, what the car reputation will retain customers rarely, burn out very good effect.

has the view that the door to wash the car speed is slow, the efficiency is too low, the labor cost is too high, the shop has not been washed clean, in addition to the door this point, compared to the store without any advantage, not collapse is strange.

car co-founder Xu Liankuan said that after the fiery car market today, the status quo is difficult to have a single point model in the future, the need for large resources platform. Home wash, maintenance just burn look lively, no future.

public data show that since 2015, there are more than and 40 car market after the O2O project emerged, and in 2014 the admission of the entrepreneurial companies in more than 100, involving washing and maintenance, car rental, car insurance and other financial market segments.

home washing O2O have died

as last year the hottest investment field, O2O companies and the recent emergence of closures in the home wash is undoubtedly in the teeth of the storm, O2O.

e car wash, June 2014 on the line, completed in March 2015 by Ping An venture capital investment 20>

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