Cross border electricity supplier Big Bang World store opening

2014 China’s traditional B2B export growth can be ignored, import and export volume dropped significantly. While cross-border B2C momentum has soared, has occupied the mainstream position of the import and export business.

cross-border electricity supplier competition, has not only a simple price or logistics speed competition, but the entire supply chain competition. In the future, who will become another "WAL-MART" to become a giant species of cross-border electricity business

?It is reported that

, with "Hello, world shops" as the theme, 2015 Ebang cross-border electricity supplier will be opened at the Shanghai summit in April, the summit will be from the following aspects and in-depth discussion of the industry.

policy: policy difficult to figure out, the pit shall not rise on the


customs level interpretation of cross-border policy, is not a new thing. This means that the government’s increasing emphasis on cross-border electricity supplier, followed by a series of institutional changes. Then, the import electricity supplier landing policy is, those opportunities, what not to touch the red line? The cross-border pilot city flower, who who will be more reliable, reliable? "Belt and Road Initiative" was born, the hidden dividend policy? Etc. These are whirling.

supply chain competition: the supply chain will be the main battleground for future cross-border competition

supply chain, is the hot battleground major cross-border electricity to win a space for one person’s head broken and bleeding. The construction of who can quickly mature supply chain, who will be able to step ahead smoothly towards the global market. However, the supply chain construction investment is huge, self or outsourced? Is melee, or after the contention of a hundred schools of thought, a single large, to become the world’s mega store species? Global sourcing, global marketing, global division, global competition, how far is


capital winter: 2015 cross-border electricity supplier capital winter period?

2014, a large number of investment have flocked to cross-border electricity supplier. In December 2014, honey bud baby announced the completion of a $60 million C round of financing; at the beginning of 2015, Ocean Terminal announced the completion of $100 million B round of financing; however, after the new year, investors seem to be after a year of baptism, become more rational. Emerging companies come and go, what kind of venture capital is worth throwing chips? Entrepreneurs who can seize the tail of the capital?

import electricity supplier: into the fast lane, the real enemy came!

After the

global direct mail, "foreign goods" seem to find a breakthrough, a large number have been thinking about how to enter the market Chinese scorched by the flames of foreign brands, an instant influx of Chinese. Domestic electricity supplier in the face of competition, seems to have become a global competition. In the face of hand-held weapon of foreign brands, how to deal with the China retail? These "foreign goods", in the huge complex China market, whether air plant


export electricity supplier: caught in the quagmire, to make revolution!

traditional export supply and demand are not growing at both ends, it is bound to

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