Police tip do not believe WeChat purchasing but not easy to pay

police tips: do not believe WeChat purchasing, not to pay

means a seller of low price buyers pay Seller lost contact with


means two seller sales payment of goods, buyers demand a replacement requires buyers to return the goods and the seller recommends custom transfer processing fee and the buyer return two payment seller lost

means three sellers low price promotions buyers but less than the heart of the buyer put forward the installment payment buyer seller lost contact with

close to the Chinese new year, WeChat circle of friends out of a lot of buyers in the name of the low price, with low discounts to attract customers. But the number of consumers to the newspaper reflected in the WeChat shopping cheated on the yuan, the store in their payment after losing contact and delete friends, nowhere to be found. Police tips, do not believe WeChat purchasing, but not easy to pay, after being cheated to timely alarm.

WeChat, a case of buyers lost money to

December 22nd, the public Zhang by WeChat to sell Bracelet business remittance 1000 yuan. Immediately to the holidays, I want to buy a bracelet for the elderly, who knows just the money was to pull the black business." Mr. Zhang said that the seller is shopping in the market when he knew the wenwan. "We two each plus WeChat, he often send Bracelet photos in the WeChat circle of friends, the price is not cheap." In the first two days, the seller drying out some holiday special offer the bracelet in the circle of friends, let Mr. Zhang very tempted. "The original 2600 yuan bracelet, holiday special offer only 1000 yuan, I picked up a carved ornaments. He said the first payment and delivery, also said that this is the WeChat business trading rules. I have to pay for his alipay. But when I told him that the money had arrived, he immediately pulled me out. I don’t contact me."

at this time, Mr. Zhang realized that in addition to WeChat, he knew nothing about the seller, there is no other way of contact, I’m sure it was cheated, after the reaction was reported to the police".

case two 2500 yuan to buy a pack of hand cheated

Netizen "

Yang said," since the beginning of December, the circle of friends are doing high imitation bag sellers crazy scraper. I have always wanted to buy a bag used in the summer, but the mall is too expensive to see the purchase price is so low on the heart." She left to pick the right to contact a seller. He said he only wholesale business, let me contact his boss, the boss do WeChat. I added his boss’s WeChat, in the boss circle of friends to see a lot of photos, chose a 1700 yuan package, payment of three days after the bag."

Yang said, originally a successful shopping bag is very happy, but slightly flawed, "looked very uncomfortable, I want a replacement". She said, the boss is very happy to recommend, and if you want to buy a little leather bag, can add a little Qian Dingzuo. "He said that as long as I received back from the package, Alipay transfer processing fee, he began to arrange the master immediately.

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