Alipay reminded users wary of third party fraud risk

June 8th afternoon, the independent third party payment platform (Alipay Chinese) Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Alipay") today issued a risk warning, to remind the majority of buyers and sellers to increase the risk of third party fraud alert. For example, the current online shopping fraud exists to guide the buyer to pay the seller but let the seller shipped to their own phenomenon.


and opened a jewelry store in Taobao, one day a named "car1971" "buyers" through a chat tool to find she said a total of 1930 yuan to buy 9 grams of gold. Ms. Taobao shop is war Alipay payment interface able to make the payment, but "car1971" does not want to buy directly in Taobao, provides an account, asked Ms. battle to create a security transaction on the Alipay website for payment. Ms. war had not met this demand, but in order to make this business, or agreed.


page, "Car1971" to provide the account belongs to a nickname of "mysterious pig", real name is Liu man. The transaction is created, the account money to Alipay, Alipay also notify Ms. battle ship. However, "car1971 said," there are changes Alipay page left the address, and through the chat tool to send Ms. battle another shipping address. Ms. car1971 to provide the new address after delivery, has not seen the payment account confirmation receipt. Later, the payment of the account did not receive a refund on the grounds of goods.


battle later learned that the payment account is not "car1971" all. Payment account owner Liu said, he released the eider down product information in a forum, a "seller" through a chat tool to find him, said he has the goods and price concessions, and let Ryu provide Alipay’s own account to create payment transactions. Because it is a secured transaction, Liu did not expect problems.

so, the buyer paid the seller sent the goods, but the goods to the final deal liar hand center. Alipay said the new third party fraud has some hidden. A customary practice is through online chat with the seller and the buyer after contact, guide buyers payment to the seller, but let the seller shipped to their (i.e., lead buyer payment fraud) do not receive the goods, the seller shipped not received payment.

liar approach although there are some deceptive, but Alipay risk control staff said that as long as the parties, especially the seller strictly abide by Alipay transaction process, so that the risk is completely can be avoided.

according to the introduction, in addition to the payment interface in various shopping site access, Alipay site in the "I want to pay", "I’m going to collection" can also provide the guarantee service station (hereinafter referred to as the "inside trading"), and by some buyers and sellers use. In the Alipay station transaction, a special commodity description, reason or remark column for payment transaction key information communication between the two sides, buyers.

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