mports of electricity providers eat double 11 cake Honey bud baby into the play in advance

November 6th news, this year’s eleven more lively than in previous years a lot, not only because of Ali’s internal participants more, but also because of various types of electricity providers have jumped in. The day before, billion state power network that cross-border electricity supplier honey bud baby mother will also participate in the double eleven, but its strategy is to concentrate on the double before eleven anniversary activities, before Tmall advance into the big promotion rhythm.

It is reported that

, honey bud baby as "imported maternal sale", and the main international high-end baby products, and for the two major categories of milk and diapers, they mainly adopt the cross-border bonded import mode, namely through bonded delivery, and by the customs supervision and customs clearance, warehousing, inspection and shipping links. The double eleven, honey bud baby will also focus on cross-border shopping area will launch products, imports of milk powder and special diapers.

honey bud baby in Ningbo port transportation scene

, however, for the arrival of the double eleven, honey bud baby took the promotional activities in advance of the triage strategy. The start will enter the big promotion rhythm from the end of October, in addition to a three day anniversary, will launch a variety of activities before November 11th. Among them, the anniversary is an investment in the largest, and dual eleven day power will weaken.

honey bud baby responsible person pointed to the state power grid, the double eleven is not only Ali Festival, but also the entire electricity supplier Festival, on the one hand, it has become a mature marketing node, can resonate with consumers, on the other hand, so after a few years of experience, its novelty has decreased. Give the user a lot less stimulation.

honey bud baby is doing sale, every day there are different brands and categories of ultra low cost activities. For the double eleven, we are willing to participate, because consumers will have expectations, but we will not put it so heavy, but the benefits are more distributed in other activities." The official said.

according to its introduction, in two before the eleven anniversary activities, honey bud baby produced a total of more than 35 orders, which shipped from Ningbo and Guangzhou Free Trade Zone cross-border shopping goods accounted for more than 30% market share. "The anniversary activities is the whole category of double eleven big promotion, mainly for imported milk powder, diapers two key categories, offers full reduction but also can have the audience. Especially the low margin category often sell diapers, we in the eleven double benefit is considerable."

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