SAC increase penalties for illegal sale of substandard goods online sales

CCTV news: according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce website news, SAIC recently issued opinions on strengthening the protection of the interests of consumers in the field of internet. Opinions stressed that according to the law to investigate and deal with the case of illegal network quality of goods, increase the punishment of illegal sales of goods online business operators of substandard goods. At the same time, severely crack down on false propaganda, scalping speculation and other fraud, according to the law to combat online shopping seven days no reason to return and other aspects of violations of consumer rights violations.

the "opinions" clear, to further strengthen the work of protecting the interests of consumers of Internet domain, SAIC decided to use about 3 years to develop a network of consumer rights in key areas of law enforcement supervision, effectively curb the field of Internet infringement and counterfeiting, to further enhance the level of network consumer rights work, promote the network economy in the development of health in the specification to be standardized, orderly the development of.

opinion requirements, adhere to the integration of supervision, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the Internet field. Industry and commerce at all levels and market supervision departments to highlight the problems existing in the field of Internet infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to crack down on infringement of consumer rights violations, standardize business practices of network operators in accordance with the law, in a timely manner to resolve consumer disputes, enhance consumer confidence in network market, and create a safe and secure environment of network consumption.

at the same time, effectively strengthen the quality of commodity trading network supervision, the quality of the network will be included in the sampling of the annual sampling plan, co-ordinate arrangements. Outstanding digital electronics, household appliances, clothing shoes and hats, children’s products, such as auto parts sales, online shopping consumers reflect the key commodity problems, reference network product sales and comprehensive ranking factors, scientifically determine the main business scope and variety of goods inspection network, to carry out targeted network sampling of goods.

"opinions" stressed that crack down on violations of consumer rights and interests in online transactions. Strengthen the network of consumer infringement case investigation work, promote and regulate v. transfer case actively, efforts to expand the source and improve the accuracy of investigating cases, strengthen the effectiveness of supervision.

investigate and deal with the case of illegal product quality of the network, increase the penalties for illegal sales of goods sold by the network commodity operators, and ordered them to immediately stop selling, delete illegal goods information. To endanger personal and property safety and dangerous goods do not conform to the compulsory standards, also requires a network trading platform provider for shielding illegal shops or immediately commodity information, stop providing services trading platform for related goods.

integrated use of the functions of industry and commerce, and severely punish network false and illegal advertising, false advertising, trademark infringement, direct selling and illegal pyramid schemes and other network trading violations and false authentication, network scalping and other typical fried believe network involving consumer fraud, illegal acts according to law against online shopping seven days no reason to return, consumer protection of personal information, customer service repair the replacement services are against the interests of consumers.

to strengthen inter departmental and inter regional co operation and joint enforcement, plus

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