Bao Baoshu to help you choose the function of the line to do a professional shopping guide links com

after 9 years of hard work, leading the domestic maternal baby tree platform has accumulated a large user base, covering more than 90% of new mothers groups, has become a new hot mom parenting artifact choice. Recently, the baby tree over the years of user behavior tracking with a large number of research results based on the data, build a "help you choose a new product, this product is deeper to strengthen the relationship between the user and the product, but also to meet the user to understand the depth of product demand.

to help you choose is a user and brand side of the two different dimensions of the product set up. From the perspective of the user, the user can compare with the longitudinal evaluation of milk powder, diapers and other baby products to help you choose the channels, and can apply for a trial to deepen the understanding of the product, according to the data are compared with the test results selected for their target product. In this process, the baby tree to help you choose this way for different users to customize their unique personalized needs, to achieve a thousand thousand faces product features. With milk powder as an example, the user can have the intention of the A brand and B brand of milk products included in the comparison tool, "help you choose" will be a number of products such as the origin, price, packaging, formula, milk traits, dissolution rate and taste a more comparative evaluation and show the product data, user based on the data, the selection of products according to their immediate needs, and make their own decision to buy.

for brands, products settled "help you choose" the product library is not only a simple increase in the exposure mode, it is the depth of cooperation in a comprehensive upgrade with the baby tree and help you choose "big data platform of the excellent analysis ability, the use of products to help you choose the query and contrast with tools. The high quality products of precision touch on the different intention of users, has opened up a new way to push accurate and sustainable communication. The quality flow and mouth effect of long-term accumulation of the baby tree, naturally become a necessary condition to help you choose the product, "help you choose" products also ushered in a new business cooperation mode, this mode gradually meet the infant group’s growing increasingly large segments of demand, a more perfect the most important maternal ecology in the close loop.

at the same time, "to help you choose" product is another powerful layout of the construction process of baby tree ecosystem, originally in a fragmented state of the user with the brand to build up healthy communication through this bridge. With the continuous expansion of production base, the fundamental needs of the baby tree will always be based on maternal users, through their own products to continuously update and optimization to attract more high-quality brands, the goods and services provide a comprehensive upgrade, point-to-point communication mode based on data support, constructing a full range of maternal consumption of the ecological environment, to create a truly accurate convenient and reliable new infant life style.

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