Electricity supplier sad reminder of the birth of 2012 operators electricity supplier awareness shif

just when 2012 comes, when the electricity supplier industry is all ready to fight a pretty eager for a fight, the market battle in 2012, expanding the entire electricity supplier industry influence, to achieve rapid growth in electricity sales figures, but the time less than half a year, the entire electricity supplier industry began to appear more and more jittery, difficult business platform this business platform, not only including the prestigious Foreign Legion, including restructuring in supermarket industry little known of, such as Suning Tesco, Gome kuba. In particular, Kubba, many industry insiders called Gome operation is electricity supplier Kuba renruqiming, finally really want to cry.

foreign monks chanting, the electricity supplier industry work

in the traditional thinking of our country, there is a potential for understanding is that a monk chanting, the moon is the garden. Have an ingrained to complex, but in the electricity industry, monk has lived a miserable life, do not say eBay frustrated, in 2012 the cool days of sad farewell again in the electricity supplier industry staged because foreign monks had to return The climate does not suit one. Shayu story, seems destined for reincarnation overseas corps. Although at the end of the year there are rumors that eBay will return, but still no movement. It can be seen that foreign monks want to come to China, but also have to think twice!


industry giants play cross-border encounter

whether the commercial giant Internet gangster or offline, can play the role of summon wind and call for rain in their respective fields, but unfortunately once cross-border will make these industry bigwigs can not grasp the direction, Baidu has ah in 2012 end, NetEase also sell a pig in the electricity played one day, but have to be exit. But we have to face the business contraction, leading the transformation of the express industry, suning.com in the struggle, the United States began to become Kuba Kuba, even the mall also played the Jingdong had to rely on financing to deepblue press, hope to.

one of players in the industry in the electricity industry difficult to live, and in 2011 had a thousand group war civilization group purchase industry in 2012 began collective aphonia, rapid collapse of the business model, let people a group purchase will shake their heads, visible in the electricity business in 2012 can be said to be miserable, and this miserable not the end of the end of the transition in 2013 began planning the electricity supplier as a warning for the future.

enhance service awareness, will be transformed into a profit into the mainstream

from a variety of plans to launch the recent business platform, to enhance the quality of service has become the mainstream, suning.com, Taobao and Tmall have launched the Jingdong to complete the financial service system, and the small and medium-sized enterprise business closely, and promotion is more prominent in various price methods, originally in 2012 that the price will be the end of a life-and-death struggle for shopping, instead of the practicing internal strength, strengthen their sense of service platform, to.

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