The direction of solving the problem of high turnover rate

believe that over a period of time after the shop, people will start to diagnose the shop through data analysis tools, and will do their best to do the optimization, in this process, we should come into contact with the concept of "jump loss rate", the the term of the interpretation: the customer through the entrance, the only access to leave a page on the number of visits accounted for the proportion of the total number of visits entrance. It can be seen from this formula, the higher the rate of jump, indicating that the jump of the page is lower, that is, the attractiveness of the page is very low, and ultimately affect the conversion rate of goods.

so how to change this index, we need to study the behavior of the customer login interface, for buyers search, baby show is the first customer interest in the local shop, the main figure and natural commodity title is the two factors most likely to attract buyers.

first we talk about baby pictures, you see the following 2 groups of images, it can be said that in the above second groups of vision is difficult to grasp the psychological buyers, we can find out the reasons through the comparison, it is the first group of both models of the expressive force of how good, our first impression is focused to the baby. Above, second photos, look the picture is not clear enough, but also the deformation of the feeling, let the customer have a non real impression, so the baby pictures, the most basic is to be clear and true. The second is to pay attention to some skills of shooting and image processing, such as the first picture, the way is to model the head removed, and the second picture is used to model not looking directly into the camera, which is in the apparel category which is a very important method of shooting. Of course, for the rest of some categories, I think we should reference a lot of big sellers shooting style, after all, everyone is summed up from the experience.


treatment for baby of the main picture, you can also add some promotional elements or is the selling point of expression, think we most love with the shipping or reward will be, but we add in time, it is easy to ignore the effect of the problem, so this time should consider the harmonious degree of cold the warm color collocation, this will make the whole picture of the enhanced sense of vitality.

In addition to the

baby master plan, the title of the appeal is also very important, the pursuit of the title of the search results to the many sellers, but seldom pay attention to the title of another piece of value, also is to attract click, as we see a lot of title through train, they function in the above is aware of this a little, so we can according to the actual situation of the baby, the appropriate add. The following figure:


The next step is

together with all of their pages in Taobao inside the shop, the shop of our highest exposure to three pages, in turn, baby baby details page list page, store >

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