Network network CEO Li Rui to P on the wine industry development strategy

September 9th, the Sixth China (Guizhou) International Wine Expo opened in Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition center. In the afternoon, with collision innovation · new wine value as the theme of the 2016 global wine Summit (Global Wine Summit) held a grand meeting. The Ministry of Commerce and the Guizhou provincial officials, foreign dignitaries, ambassador or senior representatives of relevant agencies, responsible person, the international well-known winery representatives, representatives of all the scene Wine large importers. As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui as important guests were invited to attend, and publish "content driven products, mode to win the future" keynote speech.


LETV holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui as an important guest at

it is reported that in August this year, landing three new board, becoming China’s wine industry phenomenon level benchmark stocks. As a representative of the Internet era of cross-border innovation ecological wine industry, Li Rui’s appearance, caused by the industry and the media attention. Analysts said Li Rui attended the global Wine summit, reflects the industry recognition of the network network and Internet Ecological model.

summit site, the guests of the wine industry in the context of the era of great transformation and upgrading to give a wonderful interpretation. High level, high fresh, hot issues, global vision of the future, innovation to play for the summit climax boundary. Li Rui shared network network in the new normal wine industry, how can the brand value through the strategy of IP Fu, IP mode of operation of the construction of ecological wine enterprises core competitiveness, has injected new vitality for the summit.

Li Rui said that although China’s wine industry has picked up the trend, but still face the dilemma of lack of innovation momentum. Product innovation is difficult, it is difficult to create a brand through cross-border integration of ecological innovation to break.

industry analysts believe that in this ecological revolution era, in the trend of IP wave sweeping across the world, with the younger generation, the middle class become the main consumer, IP also in the way to promote the wine industry change. IP network network strategy to drive business value realized, will break the wine industry innovation barriers, promote the Chinese wine industry economy into the next growth cycle.

how to IP manufacturing pop culture, definition of lifestyle, empowerment value realized? We are constantly thinking path for IP realized, while also relying on music as IP resources are richly endowed by nature finds out a set of competitive mode, through the phenomenon of anti IP resources, to create a global IP product matrix, to enable brand IP the value of brand premium and competitiveness." Li Rui at the scene said.

since 2015, and from the "Mi month biography" Chupin flowers film combined with custom wine to South America and Wine MI, Chile overlord concha group in CP2C mode to build the fire rose to Naynay Wine, and music as sports jointly launched the eco beer lattice >

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