Mall website had to understand consumer behavior

is the electronic commerce website before and after the Spring Festival traffic peak, but recently several friends, site traffic than usual almost more than double the amount of orders, but not much improvement, is both happy and sad, watched the flow can not be realized, I think sad is a problem where


when we make the site optimization, need to collect Internet users search habits, in order to determine the most accurate keywords, using my words called Zhiyizhibi, and mall site than the enterprise portal station and to consider a layer, that is the user’s consumer behavior and consumer psychology, we use the a water purifier website as a case, a detailed analysis of what consumers are most concerned about in the purchase process of several major factors:

NO1: how about the quality of the product?

a commodity can not be good, good use, can be used for a long time, there is no reaction, and so on are related to the quality of the goods themselves. During the Spring Festival, I want to buy a water purifier for parents to send, send father-in-law, if used on the bad days, a piece of mind boondoggle also falls under a reliable reputation, it may be lost.

NO2: cost-effective

is now the market competition is intense, has entered the micro profit era, there are gifts to fight not only the price, if the product quality, the same price, a small gift, a gift is not, users must choose the business, so the Spring Festival promotion should be done.

NO3: with account monument feedback

this is in line with the conditions of Chinese style consumption, follow the trend has always been one of consumer spending habits, we say that is really good, so do a good job of commodity evaluation of the content to the user a good impression.

NO4: personal spending habits

as a product, the user may have different views, and can not guarantee that every user is love, so the best you can with a product, do some small differences in the function, to meet the different user habits, enhance the consumption would be easier.

NO5: brand awareness


brand is a product of the soul, the level of brand awareness not only determines the price level, directly affect the consumer orientation of the user, it is a kind of culture, is the added value of goods, is a symbol of the identity of the users, such as Apple’s mobile phone is a typical brand products.

according to the sampling survey in 2012 after 80 and 90 consumers, also obtained after 80 after 90 than before placing the order on commodity price, 80 or in the practical stage; while 90 more emphasis on brand awareness, can be reflected from the identity is the focus of their consumption. Therefore, the mall site do more than 5 points, I believe that these flows will not be wasted, seize the peak of the Spring Festival this year to earn a lot of money. Original article from the Han goods;

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