Why not grow Listing layout competitive reasons or Li Guoqing character and pattern

is now far from the shopping habits of many people. May be some ordinary users still remember a few years ago Li Guoqing separated by air "Morgan Stanley woman", but who can remember the luxury team Dangdang founder, which are from Microsoft, Intel, Bertelsmann executives? Who can think in high and vigorous spirits in the United States when Dangdang, in recent years the stock price is like a roller coaster of people in the industry are talking about death? Ali when listed Jingdong, Liu Qiang East tea sister love on this, the author of this paper is the analysis of "the reason of Dangdang early to catch a late set, think it is time to market, but also the business layout problem, but also the commercial competition. But in the final analysis, the founder of the character, the pattern problem. In the exaggerated rife electric business circle, which may be many people in the dream woke up. [



in the hearts of Li Guoqing, there is always a pain – the company has been established for 14 years, far more than Taobao and Jingdong, but now the distance between the two, the gap can not be counted. It is the head of China’s first B2C listed company aura, the stock market has been down for 4 years, no more than the issue price.

February 27th, Dangdang announced the first time since the fourth quarter of last year to achieve the listing of earnings, although net profit of only 21 million 700 thousand yuan, but still let Dangdang’s share price instantly rose by 35%. The same day, many investors in the brim of the snowball finally stand up The old man wept bitterly. sigh.

Dangdang reason for the profit is very simple, first, to large brands, vertical class electricity supplier to open the entrance, the third party service revenue growth, gross profit doubled. The two is the Jingdong in the past year to recuperate, stop the entire electricity supplier price war, to Dangdang breathing space — this is somewhat sad, it’s time for more profit, in the hands of the competitors.

even earnings, Dangdang’s future is more like a small and beautiful electronic business platform. The total market value of this company is only $1 billion 436 million, not the enemy is about to be listed Jingdong market value of the fraction, nor to the market value of vip.com 1/7.

why did you get up early in the morning to catch up? Why can’t you do it? This is not the fault of Dangdang, this article is not to explore the right and wrong, but in talking about Dangdang may miss the big opportunity. Let’s look at the following things.

is the first thing in 2009, Dangdang profit for the first time, this time in front of the company’s management and investors with two options: one is listed as soon as possible, to achieve market leading position, investors can also be secured; the second is like a Jingdong that not listed, continue to burn, burn out more large-scale re listing. At this time, the company chose to market. By the end of 2010, the company has become China’s first listed company B2C, but after becoming a public company, but also lost a large scale business transformation, investment autonomy. Since then, Dangdang’s strategic choices are all spending less, not risk based, which are listed from the bottom of the attack

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