Value chain integration model is how the same thing

recently, the school issued a "China online retail: observation and Outlook" report, the report is copious and fluent tens of thousands of words or have a certain value, systematically reviews the development of the retail industry, and discusses the new mode of. The report referred to the concept of value chain integration, and Jingdong, Amazon as an example to explore. Supply chain integration we all understand, value chain integration is how the same thing?

value chain integration is one thing

report, the first to explore the value of the industry value chain, followed by Jingdong, Alibaba, and other electricity providers to further explore the development of the value chain integration.

of the industry value chain management theory and factor analysis, the online retail industry includes products (goods and services) to create, channel, distribution, online trading platform and customer value of the five key links, corresponding to the niche market is product manufacturing and brand management, supply chain management, logistics and distribution, and the Internet social. Enterprises in different niches to integrate their own resources to integrate the advantages of other supply services resources, and then create a different model of online trading platform, the formation of a variety of online retail formats.

further, the industry value chain of management mode of different enterprises is the methods and strategies to integrate other resources supply, create competitive online trading platform, but also an important standard to define the different online retail business model. Different niche market core management tasks and their respective resources based on the integration, we will divide the industry value chain elements of the online retail industry into three types: basic elements (product flow), value factor (cash flow) and competitive factors (information flow).

Jingdong’s strategy is to focus on niche markets and constantly optimize the industrial value chain elements of the system management capabilities, and ultimately become trustworthy and able to create new value of supply chain management service providers. Since 2009, some strategic Jingdong showed the value chain is increasingly clear the entire consensus map, strategic deployment mainly focus on strengthening product flow management, including the whole category sales market planning, self B2C and open platform integration of the business system, its own logistics system and logistics development strategy, supply chain management services etc..


report described above is more popular with people, say, a few years ago the popular "supply chain integration" just focus on the supply chain efficiency, and "value chain integration" is the electricity supplier in the information flow, capital chain, logistics and other sectors, coupled with the integration of social relations and management each link through the value chain integration mode is a set of system, to achieve efficient management of data, further than the supply chain integration.

this is the so-called "value chain integration" is a good concept, however, have found that it is in different approaches but equally satisfactory results and ecosystem models emphasize ali.


water conservancy build ecological system model of Jingdong on intensive and meticulous farming value chain integration mode.

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