A registered domain name how to do

today in a webmaster group learned a friend, want to sell ABCD.CN domain name through the intermediary. I was surprised to see his domain name. It is registered in August 21, 2008 (Registration Date: 2008-08-21 14:53), it is a registered domain name. So I have to admire the domain owner, he is really a genius. Through Baidu snapshot, Google engine and reverse link and did not see the domain name of the site record. Personally, I think he’s really lucky.

the webmaster has been to understand me, how to protect their domain name because there are a lot of people to buy, or even through the threat of the way to try to buy at low prices, with the so-called " domain name arbitration ". In fact, we know that the domain name does not belong to the scope of corporate trademarks, the so-called arbitration is just a bluff. At the expiration of 15 days after the general CN domain deleted, as long as it belongs to the domain name registered by the success of the registered person. Even if the enterprise belongs to the category of trademark, let us look at the "trademark law", "Anti Unfair Competition Law" or "enterprise name registration regulations", the lack of corresponding defined problems, can not effectively solve the conflict of trademark infringement, trademark and domain name etc..

so I answer him, he registered the domain name is very successful. But I remind him that the registered.CN domain name must fill in the details. Because some time ago to delete the CN domain name notice.

related knowledge:

What is the

domain name

?The so-called

registered, simply divided, there are two kinds of sense of registration:

1 has never been a registered domain name registration.

in this case, the domain name is generally registered to foresee the potential value of the domain name, the domain name registered before others think. This range includes a number of well-known brands, well-known groups or individuals name, intellectual property rights, etc..

2 on a once registered domain name registration.

is a registered domain name, if timely renewal valid before the end can not, will be deleted after a period of time. The first time was removed after the first registration of the domain name, to act as another registered, this is this going to involve registered range.

in fact, some of the potential value of the domain name, often have been registered as a domain name or a domain name investors was selected to carry out online business, trying to "think" or "create" one can let everyone recognized good domain name is difficult. More, should be registered by the predecessors, and because of various reasons to be deleted in the domain name to find, can achieve a multiplier effect.

domain name is registered

how to do?

first, see if it is domestic >

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