Glory route Pro January 12th Jingdong vmall first pin open price 328 yuan

Zhongguancun business network on January 12th (Tuesday) 10:08, glory Pro routing high-profile Jingdong will be in the mall and the mall HUAWEI two business platform, the price of 328 yuan to open for sale. All in January 5th -1 month 11 days during the booking activities, and the successful appointment of netizens, can enjoy preferential purchase orders and Pro routing glory grant priority courtesy. In addition to the above privileges, usually in the first pin during the successful purchase orders glory routing Pro users were able to participate in the glory of specially prepared "sale choudaijiang" link. Prizes include the glory of 6Plus mobile phone, glory route Pro, including multiple luxury gift. In addition to the glory of routing Pro, 10:08 in January 14th and 10:08 in January 19th, voice WiFi and the glory glory box wall treasure will also usher in the first pin. By then, the glory will be more heavy surprise surprise.


The glory of

Pro with routing design magnificent and strong performance of products, from product release to the pre-market public test, booking stage, are caused by the high degree of market attention, consumers look forward to the glory of Pro routing, and the glory of the brand’s support and trust, so the product booking volume soaring.


dual Gigabit glory routing Pro dual core 1G processor, make the page refresh faster, watching video games run more smoothly, the delay time is shorter; equipped with 256MB DDR3 memory capacity, support up to 64 wireless access equipment at the same time, stable connection; built-in dual balun antenna design, and from the best angle, 30° the wider wireless coverage area, more uniform; equipped with 4 independent signal amplifier and receiver, so that the wireless signal coverage under the noclip upgrade 50%; support 2.4G 300Mbps and 5G867 Mbps dual band Wi-Fi wireless transmission rate up to 1167Mbps, providing up to 5 Gigabit wired network interface, can be connected to the desktop, including notebook computer, NAS and other smart devices, the network transmission rate up to 1Gbps, let LAN file copy, backup photos, high-definition video transmission more quickly; A dual route HiLink unique extended Wi-Fi function, by pressing the Hi button, can achieve two (or more) Wi-Fi name and password glory Pro routing automatic matching, so that the wireless signal coverage easy to expand to 300 square meters at the same time, in different rooms can automatically switch to the corresponding signal, to achieve a more seamless roaming.


January 12th (Tuesday) 10:08, glory route Pro, this "dual Gigabit generation flagship route" will be in Jingdong Mall ( and HUAWEI Mall (http:/>)

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