Lining online low discount bitter distributors said the store can not shake

experienced downturn in performance, the shock of the Li Ning Co, recently encountered trouble.

from the beginning of September, Li Ning Co use its offline channels to promote online shopping mall. Cheap discount online sales in store sales are affected, the Li Ning Co’s distributors so complain incessantly. Li Ning Co massive shut shop initiatives, the industry suspected that Lining is no longer focused on distributors


in this regard, the Li Ning Co to the "daily economic news" reporter said, at present, the scale of online sales accounted for the proportion of the Li Ning Co of the total sales volume is not high, the structure and type of goods online and offline is not the same, and the electricity supplier in the new never take the goods into the sales price below. The importance and the core status of the store in Li Ning Co can not shake."

online impact distributor

distributor of a Li Ning Co recently publicly said that from September 19th onwards, Lining shop shopping ticket has been attached to the official mall of the information and website. The site’s consumption of 980 yuan to buy the entire audience of the information of the 45% off Lining distributors is very distressed, because such a discount has been lower than most of the purchase discount distributor.

and Lining electricity supplier this approach also directly affects the confidence of distributors, distributors said in the online shopping under the impact of the sale of the line, the future development of the store confused.

in the past, we did not feel that electricity providers will cause such a big impact on traditional channels." Key Road Sports Consulting Co., Ltd. founder Zhang Qing told the "daily economic news" reporter said, because Lining in the electricity supplier revenue in the proportion is very small, generally considered a supplement to the online business is offline.

Lining with the store to promote online sales, but did not bring real value to the store." Clothing independent commentator Ma Gang said.

Zhang Qing also believes that Lining is currently in development is not smooth, the brands that dealers in stores on the force, but because of the impact of small scale electricity supplier, the dealer.

in this regard, the Li Ning Co in reply to the reporter’s e-mail said that the goods structure and the types of online and offline sales is different, the main line to sell non seasonal goods and specifically for the network version, such as a new season of online sales, never getting goods prices below. For the Lining brand, the establishment of online sales platform, but also conform to the trend, to adapt to market development and consumer demand."

industry insiders said that in recent years, the online retail price melee, whether it is a first-line brand or small retailers have been the corresponding impact. Entities do electricity supplier, how to avoid the impact of online and offline price squeeze on sales, are the need to consider practical issues.

online and offline will be separated

in the first half of Lining closed down more than 1200 entities under the line, which absolutely >

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