Shop No 1 mobile terminal to take refuge in WeChat brewing menu shopping


] March 25th news billion state power network, the state power grid to understand, shop No. 1 days ago in the wireless side made a series of adjustments, which is a clear tendency that WeChat social, through WeChat, WeChat, WeChat joint landing payment between friends send coupons etc. to stimulate WeChat users in an active shop the. In addition, the No. 1 wireless terminal is still brewing 1 kitchen project, or will not be on the line.

it is understood that the 1 shop in the mobile terminal WeChat WeChat is mainly reflected in the realization of WeChat joint landing, payment and other functions to achieve. In addition, the 1 shop intends to pass WeChat friends send coupons feature to stimulate user activity. Can WeChat friends send their 1 store vouchers with the micro signal landing users, but also to ask friends for other vouchers.



WeChat users can ask coupons or send coupons to friends

at the same time, shop No. 1, said that if vouchers are successfully used to share WeChat friends, users will receive 5 yuan cash coupon.

In addition to the introduction of WeChat

social elements, 1 mobile terminal is actually brewing a number 1 kitchen project, the main feature is in the form of a menu of fresh goods drainage. Users can learn in the kitchen of 1 kinds of cuisine cooking methods, and ingredients can be purchased directly in shop No. 1.

however, according billion state power network understanding, the project has a short line in recent days, but soon offline. According to the 1 store mobile division official said, the project is still in the adjustment, will be available after the maturity.

in addition, according to industry sources, shop No. 1 will very likely in the near future WeChat in my bank card page, become easy fast, QQ online shopping, Jingdong, and a mobile traffic entrance B2C platform.

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