Suning online and offline to create a new integration mode of retail price

days ago, Suning announced that from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales, will be achieved with the price of the same product with, this is the first large retailers, the full implementation of online and offline price. Su ningyun vice chairman Sun Weimin said that cloud providers Suning emphasizes online and offline channel integration in goods and services, the price, the price is an important step in the integration of multi-channel Suning, Suning O2O marks the overall operation mode.

three measures to realize the online price of

Suning is not only to create physical chain and online sales of two platforms, the two networks, but also to build Suning Internet retail companies. For the realization of online and offline prices since the end of last year, Suning around the cloud business model, the implementation of organizational change and system development, a series of internal changes, to solve the three major issues of online and offline price. First of all, the implementation of full channel integration, unified supply, unified sales price; secondly, to achieve full sharing of resources, maximize the use efficiency of resources, to achieve the scale of the superimposed effect of the integration model of O2O; furthermore, the fusion of the Suning stores and, establish total cost accounting mechanism of multi channel integration.

said Suning, Suning online and offline price is to continue to deepen the integration model of O2O. Suning Suning also in reconstruction of online shopping, online and offline cooperative system docking, will enter the normal development, so Suning stores and product integration, service integration and fusion will become represent the general trend of price.

Suning to create a new model of Internet retail

Su ningyun president Jin Ming stressed that the price is not a simple promotion, but Suning long-term basic business principles, is bound to China’s retail development trend in the future, have a profound impact.

Suning online and offline price is established based on O2O fusion on the experience and the authenticity of the O2O service under the existing form, Suning O2O cost advantage, can realize the normalization of retail daily promotions, change your shopping behavior. To promote the transformation of retail operation from price oriented promotion to customer oriented service.

with the Internet especially the popularization and application of mobile Internet, Suning line under the same price, not only with the online online price is the same, but also referring to the other on the scale of the electricity supplier price, will completely break the myth of cheap online, to promote the transformation of retail industry. (Liang Wei)

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