12 final exam the electricity supplier of the road All sufferings have their reward giant NetEase

this year, emerging market electricity supplier industry is the hottest cross-border electricity supplier, and most surprising new electricity supplier is the NetEase at the beginning of the koala sea purchase, the majority of which came from a traditional family business Internet companies do not hold too much hope, the NetEase has become the koala sea purchase after ethics cloud notes, NetEase cloud music and a NetEase within the system of annual strategic level products, even Ding Lei are now on the NetEase koala sea purchase excited.

forced grid up is not a good thing, Ding Lei low-key visit to the front

perhaps it is the industry’s expectations are not so high, so NetEase koala sea purchase does not have to bear too much pressure on the market public opinion, so you can calm down to do things seriously. If you just started to force the grid up, causing the industry too much attention, so that the public opinion on the evaluation criteria of the NetEase koala sea will be higher. Before the first high-profile publicity work, the basis of the operation of the preparatory work properly, the quality of the product itself, then, naturally there will be spontaneous user advocacy for the enterprise.

the past year NetEase koala sea purchase mainly in the focus on the basis of the preparatory work, take out investment, Jiancang, combing the supply chain, Ding Lei no less personally for the NetEase to purchase the koala sea, after all, Ding boss connections and industry reputation in the business cooperation is also important. Compared with other cross-border electricity supplier, with the NetEase Ding Lei let NetEase koala sea purchase a gilded signboard which greatly reduces the threshold of market access, the NetEase koala sea purchase CEO Zhang Lei interview when he said, "Hangzhou is not a fresh sea port, NetEase koala was able to complete the domestic cross-border purchase fresh first order is not easy, it requires the coordination of Hangzhou local government, customs, commodity inspection, and Shanghai port linkage, to achieve a breakthrough". Ding Lei may not be known to the many departments brush his face.

in foreign investment, the boss is Ding personally into battle, invited to South Korea led the site visit LG, natural park, Clinie, Korean cosmetics giant, also went to South Korea’s most popular Korean cosmetics sales of Myungdong commercial street, and personally experience the product, then the rate of team to Japan and Mitsui finalized a strategic cooperation agreement. Ding Lei personally and not in the show, not for speculation, but not the boss before the headlines, but there is only a small boss himself for the NetEase to purchase the koala sea, the supplier will truly realize NetEase determination to do it. To ensure that there is enough experience in investment, competitiveness, product selection, APP development, and even the courier box color and many other details, Ding Lei had to personally intervene to ensure that such implementation in place, the NetEase under a visible market focus outbreak in charge of the cross-border electricity market. After obtaining the results of the stage, Ding Lei’s goal is to do the spirit of the spirit of the electronic business platform for the NetEase to enter the business gene, and plans to do three years ago, the electricity supplier before the top three.

NetEase business heart All sufferings have their reward., finally got the full implementation of

it sounds arrogant, but Ding Lei behind the NetEase does have the capital, first in the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

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