Taobao announced the online shopping rights situation 1 5 drill seller best seller

February 2, 2010, the largest network of retail outlets in Asia, Taobao announced that as an important measure of the year in 2010, Taobao consumers, today launched the first online shopping dispute responsibility system". At the same time, Taobao first announced in 2009 online shopping rights situation shows that the 1-5 level of the seller’s best after-sales service.

The person in charge of the Chen Qingtan consumer rights department said, judging from the 2009 data, 1-5 diamond seller customer service service to do the best, with an average of 100 pen need communicate with customer service of online shopping transactions, only 2 pen finally rose to Taobao staff involved in the handling of trade disputes. The heart of the seller and the seller of the crown of the pen about 3% – 4%., Taobao to the public commitment: never let a consumer nobody, never let a transaction dispute was kicked the ball. Businesses can not solve, do not want to solve the problem, as long as the consumer complaints to Taobao, Taobao will be the first pad to compensate consumers for all losses, and then to the merchant recourse, so that the interests of consumers in the first time to be protected.

Chen Qingtan analysis, this is because the heart is the early entry level seller because, in many operations, are not particularly familiar with the operation, many technical problems led to the customer service service is not in place resulting in disputes and complaints. The crown class sellers because the transaction volume is relatively large, not enough manpower or other causes of after-sales service is not in place. Most of the 1-5 drill sellers are 2, 3 people shop or a couple stores, they are growing up, the value of each transaction, even if the buyer a small demands can be timely processing and feedback. At the same time, the relatively small volume of diamond shops selling crown sellers, but also have the excess energy and time for each sale to fully track.

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