Light talk about the experience of Taobao shop is relentless victory


shop, from June 16, 2010 to now, up more than 10 months. In this not long day. Deep in our hearts, from the beginning of the "entertainment" impulse, to the present "career" mentality, not with the growth of our shop together.

in this section is full of look forward to days, have confidence, have to give up, there are now insist! Before I like online, see a netizen said: "if you love a person, you let her do Taobao; if you hate a person, also let her go to Taobao" indeed!! we have the experience deeply! On the big stage of Taobao, the birth of many grassroots born online shop owner with crown reputation is more; at the same time opened today, tomorrow, or the day after it closed the Taobao seller. This is a platform full of hope, is a platform to complete our creative dream!! we must have the confidence to insist on doing it. To say to yourself: each crown shop is from the beginning of 0, only we insist, the same can be!

remember that we started from the online shopping shop. At that time, because of my family, rarely go shopping. But I really want to go out and hang out. I turn on the computer, point to point on the Internet to go into the Taobao home page. This not matter, in that day, I was Taobao’s fascinated by all kinds of goods, this hot, shopping at home just…… Friends also do not believe that this is the first time I bought clothes online. A Taobao is a day. But in the end there is no payment, to the second day, I was fascinated by the online shopping, and finally in the afternoon of the second day before the election of the 3 clothes. Pay the money…… The following days, I often look at their own Taobao the day after tomorrow. Suddenly see a distribution platform. "Yes, I can sell goods to others, I can also be a seller!"

so, I opened his own shop, also excitedly pay 1000 deposit, joined Taobao consumer protection.

although there is a distribution platform, but I spent a few days in the distribution platform, there is no suitable for me to sell agents. But most of all because I’m new, no credit, can not sell. Finally, I did not give up, continue to search in the major search engines, hard work pays off, I finally found a source of goods can be sold, so I downloaded Taobao assistant, upload data. The store is also a cargo. I began to dream of the seller’s career……

on the Internet every day to want to hang, thought that the business will come looking for you. One day, two days, ten days and a half months later. In addition to advertising, "Ding Dong", there is no positive customer to knock on the door. I began to realize that they should be publicity, so I started my shop, one by one to tell my friends. The reactions of my friends really touched me, and they supported me, and gave me encouragement to support my business. My first single is my friend. My baby, my friend is not

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