618 carnival on the road rhyme express with you

after a few years of development, online shopping festival has become an indispensable part of people’s life, the eleven double twelve, needless to say, 51, eleven and 618 national shopping festival can not be missed. Reporters learned that the 618 home appliance business platform promotional efforts greatly, many businesses are called this year’s Carnival gold node. In this regard, rhyme express official said, in the national holiday shopping, rhyme Express has been fighting in advance, during the deployment of 618 more logistics resources to ensure that the first time the goods delivered to the hands of consumers.

hand chop festival one of the 618 years in the big promotion will start soon. The reporter understands, Carnival and double eleven, twelve Festival is different, in 618 years, is the summer is approaching, renovation of the hot season, so the consumer shopping trends are changing. If you are willing to buy more at the end of the 618 special purchases for the Spring Festival, we are more willing to buy Home Furnishing, household appliances, clothing, food and other goods. When in an interview with reporters, Ms. Zhang said in a prepared 618 "chop hand", his May just bought a house, just for decoration, she is going to buy some appliances 618. The survey shows that, like Ms. Zhang wanted to buy 618 big items in the proportion of consumers a lot of goods, and therefore closely related to the large electricity supplier logistics and transportation sector again. In this regard, rhyme express official said, ready to deal with the policy, waiting for a single hit over.

reporter learned in the interview, and now many businesses have been prepared to promote the 618, most of the business has been linked to a good logistics. 618 is not only a holiday for consumers, but also a business holiday. The activities of each big business is out of the capital, 50 percent off of the "cabbage price" is everywhere. In an interview with reporters, rhyme express official also said that compared to previous years, this year’s 618 affected by the policy, will be more to release the power of cross-border electricity supplier. It turned out that the new deal, after only 20 thousand per person per year, the amount of cross-border electricity supplier shopping, so many cross-border electricity providers ready to occupy the first user quota.

reporter combing the majority of the electricity supplier platform promotion, with the increase of business competition, more and more businesses to truly benefit consumers, many of the usual easily discount businesses also joined the sales force. Electricity supplier is expected this section, logistics pressure will be very large. So the logistics business and maintain ready to do what? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of rhyme delivery, responsible person said, rhyme express in recent years has been gradually increase the transportation resources, to realize e-commerce express, logistics, distribution and warehousing services as one of the leading express brand. Rhyme express in the country there are nearly one hundred distribution centers, tens of thousands of outlets, initially expected to be able to withstand the 618 Carnival logistics needs. 618 carnival, rhyme express and Be There Or Be Square


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