Tiger sniffing network on the nternet second placement

good news has been very difficult, and how to transition to the consulting industry?

text |CBN reporter Zhu Xiaokun


" Dangdang marginalized – in July 5th, when micro-blog and four portals speculation in Dangdang staff incidents and CEO Li Guoqing’s speech, the tiger sniffing network put the article on the front page. This is the usual practice on the line less than two months of small website: slobber War Reports Lei and Zhou Hongyi, it is "Zhou Hongyi and Lei" prequel; when the Tencent introduced the game "call of duty" OL, it issued a "Tencent" game is to succeed; it even analysis of the five Sina micro-blog’s difficulties. For second balls, with the depth of competitiveness as it is more like a business magazine practice.

is a former "China tiger sniffing the network of entrepreneurs" magazine executive editor Li Min resigned after the founding of the website, the name comes from the British poet Siegfried Sassoon said: "heart of the tiger sniffs the rose." "Selection, material, dry cargo and useful, details, insider" is her proposed slogan. At least up to now, the industry’s response to the tiger sniffing the network is not bad, the article on the site because of the bright point of view is increasingly being shared on micro-blog and social networking sites.

just by traditional media who turned entrepreneur Li Minrao on two topics: one is the traditional media to people; another is the rise of new media sites. Although involved in the organization of sina micro-blog media micro interviews with people who do business, but Li Min’s interest in the first topic is not large, she felt that now is not the time to talk about entrepreneurship. Second hot topic is in the media, new media websites emerge in an endless stream of segmentation and fragmentation, showing a trend in the Internet, such as domestic special technology news reported Lei Feng, with innovative entrepreneurship as the core of the 36Kr report and love fan children, these sites are getting a number of readers in a certain field. At the same time, to avoid the traditional media content competition.

before the start, Li Min did a lot of research at home and abroad of the emerging media sites such as Business, Insider, TechCrunch and so on, "Huffington post", but mainly to study their way of information processing.

Li Min did not intend to imitate which website, nor is it intended to be like 36Kr or love child’s attention to a vertical coverage of the field, she is interested in business, all star company. Therefore, the location of the tiger sniffing network is to provide the views of the Internet media.

, however, this is bound to make the tiger sniffing the network while facing the Internet information portal and the competition under the traditional magazine. Li Min think, it seems that this is the choice of a very competitive position, but if the tiger sniffing the network as a magazine published every day, but in a small blue ocean. Before the founding of the tiger sniffing the network, Li Min in the Chinese entrepreneurs from a reporter has always been the implementation of the chief editor, but in recent years, she felt that the media and user preferences have been

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