B2C supply chain service providers want to open small and medium web services

    only for TV shopping, shopping and online shopping business magazine portal service supply chain service provider TTG, recently launched B2C supply chain service platform for small and medium-sized websites open e-commerce service interface, and supply chain goods from mobile phone and other digital products to extend the outdoor supplies, cosmetics, jewelry, home products more than one category, TTG integrates NOKIA, Motorola and Samsung, Lenovo, Nike, Chanel, crocodile, GUCCI and other international and domestic first-line brands of primary sources, also includes the state authorized paperless lottery business, brand promotion business services, provide legal services for a number of business website. At present, Hongkong TTG station www.ttg.hk officially opened, but only part of the VIP site into the main invited experience, for the majority of small owners directly apply to TTG services for a period of time still need to wait for the TTG, according to the relevant staff said, the company will open in the recent domestic Master www.ttg.com.cn, open the personal website of the commercial services, at the same time open without paper lottery business franchise.

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