Consumers Association announced in 2014 complaints online shopping complaints 50 pieces a day

2014 national association organization to receive complaints analysis report released yesterday, 2014, consumer complaints 619415, economic losses to consumers 9.2 million yuan. In the service complaints, remote shopping, mobile phone service, maintenance and repair services, Internet access services, hairdressing services and other areas in the first several complaints, including complaints of online shopping last year reached nearly twenty thousand, the average daily fifty.

online shopping complaints nearly twenty thousand pieces a year

today, remote shopping including network, TV, telephone, mail order, has been very popular. But this way of shopping requires high credit, and credit system construction in China is not perfect, the information communication mechanism is not smooth, the operator credit consciousness remains to be strengthened, easily lead to consumer disputes, complaints increased.


remote shopping complaints 20135



shopping network

accounted for 92.28%


transaction object is not clear, the right to know to protect

false propaganda to mislead the consumer

on the consumers’ personal information infringement

the payment safety kept hidden



The delay in delivery of

– Interpretation of


online shopping complaints surge, the base increase

new "consumer protection law" seven days no reason to return on the remote shopping, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers according to the law.

Telecom overlord terms still exist


of the 23379 complaints class telecommunications services


ranked fourth in the service class complaints


"overlord clause" still exists for

set the minimum consumption, fixed line and broadband binding, one business

arrears, another business also immediately stop service

package traffic and call time can not be accumulated

low tariff transparency: not that restrictive conditions and other matters needing attention

of the telecom business service window, low efficiency, less service personnel


complaint postprocessing slow


mobile phone signal is weak and easy disconnection, network coverage area

sell the car tying compulsory insurance


the car complaints related to 26251 for

quality problem 10230

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