2015 open shop to sell what the most money how much money to open a Taobao shop

and shop novice to learn from where we can start to grow and develop?

I am not a shop veteran, I am only a long time to open shop a little store. Up to now, I have been on the Taobao shop for two years. If you want to ask how my business? You answered forthrightly: do not lose money. Shop opened two years, my only idea is not to lose money. Only do not lose money, there is the opportunity to profit before they can get high profits.

two days shop management, I have not been changed. Just two years, I had two jumps. I started from the beginning of the shop to do virtual shop, is a class of business recharge. Wait until the official development of the shop, and I once again used the software – shop baby, not only to complete the transformation from virtual to physical, but also simplifies the operation of the shop process, reducing the risk of shop operators.

business shop, why do I choose the two step? This is the predecessors told me the way, I have two years of deep experience. Do not know can add my professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

started a virtual shop, is an essential novice

open shop is not as easy as layman said, in the final analysis, we have to have their own strategies and ideas. Novice open shop on the one hand, lack of experience, on the other hand, the shop is too shallow, simply can not attract customers; and virtual shop is the rapid growth of the green channel of the shop – small investment, convenient management, upgrade fast. Based on this sometimes, I started the virtual shop road.

I spent 300 yuan to buy a rack phone software, will get access to permanent, mainly to do prepaid recharge, recharge, recharge business qq COINS game. Buyers to recharge, the software automatically accepted, I do not need to look for sources of supply, delivery and logistics, etc., 35 minutes later, the buyer received the recharge fee, and I bet the software is working capital will come back. Do not worry about cash flow, is one of my favorite recharge software. The rest of the time, I will do some promotion, increase store fans. Day after day, five months later, my virtual shop has the level of brick. Brick number so easy? Of course not easy, I do a lot of promotional activities, let others know my shop; also try my best to make my customers become repeat customers. Recharge is a circular thing, so long as the first came to my shop, the second time will come. Brick number is formed.

disintegration of Taobao kind, playing shop baby

from a new person into an old man, from a white number into a brick number, my shop also needs to transform. So I have to sell the software, spent 600 yuan to buy the baby shop software. Why do you want to use the store baby software mainly because I do not have time to look for sources to purchase, there is no energy to focus on logistics issues, and shop baby just to solve my problem. Shop baby is a collection of automatic >

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