Alibaba business model innovation leader

10 million entrepreneurial opportunities; more than 100 million people a day on consumption; the annual turnover of more than 1 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 5% of total retail sales of social consumer goods, equivalent to the sum of eBay and Amazon’s annual turnover…… 2012, Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall achieved remarkable growth.

the 10 year turnover of only 100 million yuan of electronic commerce website, not only to achieve more than ten thousand times the size of fission, leading its business model innovation, change people’s consumption habits, and affect the production, wholesale and retail of the whole industry chain.

was launched in 1999 known as the "Canton Fair Online", aims to help China SMEs to enter the overseas market Alibaba B2B (Business to Business, namely electronic business), to 2003 for small sellers tailored C2C (Customer to Customer, the consumer electronic business platform of Taobao online market); from the 2008 launch to attract quality businesses and high-end consumer B2C (Business to Customer) announced on November 2011, Taobao brand mall, mall, and the use of new Chinese name "Tmall", and then to start at the beginning of 2013 C2B (Customer To Business, the consumer driven) strategy, launched a large-scale consumer customization platform – poly customization…… Over the past 13 years, Alibaba continued innovation in business models, while affecting the people’s consumption habits, but also changed the production, wholesale, retail and other industrial chain, greatly enhance the commercial synergies.

from merchant driven to consumer driven

click on the group purchase website, choose affordable catering, accommodation and other life service, many people have tried; or Jingdong landed Taobao mall, goods more than three choice than the store price of daily necessities, has also not what. However, the Internet to customize their favorite color TV, so that the name of the designer to tailor their own clothes, but also do not have to spend more money, many people may not want to think about.

Taobao two diamond buyers "flying fish", last year experienced a fantastic shopping, buy one by one of the domestic top ten fashion designer Deng Oliver designed the dream dress.

thing happened in May 9th. Day 10, Taobao together cost-effective platform, 6 dresses from the domestic top designers carefully prepared the draft design and 3D T show officially launched, direct to consumer testing. The order of the consumer will directly determine whether the design is put into production. Among them, including Wu Haiyan, Wu Ji, Deng Lifu, such as the country’s top fashion designer.

"flying fish" quickly shot. A week later, she and other buyers across the country, not only received a fresh baked finished product design

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