The General Administration of Customs on export tax fraud the enterprises involved amounting to over

news July 29th, billion state power network that the day before, the General Administration of Customs released the national customs special anti smuggling "country sword 2016" combined with the results of the special action. In the first half of this year, the national customs seized export untrue declaration of tax rebate of 1408 cases, involving 2 billion 70 million yuan, involving 140 million yuan of tax rebate.

according to the General Administration of customs sources, seized the export tax fraud case is mainly through the high quantity, price or empty false export practices for the national tax.

deputy director of General Administration of Customs anti smuggling Bureau Zhu Feng said, to the public security departments of economic investigation report tax refund fraud case clues shift traffic 12, worth 1 billion 380 million yuan, may affect the tax rebate 230 million yuan to the tax inspection department informed; involved 340 enterprises, involving 1 billion 330 million yuan, may affect the tax rebate of 55 million 480 thousand yuan.

from the current point of view, we export tax rebate issues in recent years are still more prominent. According to the State Administration of Taxation informed of the situation, we now export tax rebate every year, tens of thousands of pieces, defrauding the tax rebate is relatively high." Zhu Feng said.

Zhu Feng, a way of defrauding export tax rebates high prices, such as the things we value a piece of money, if the tax rebate rate by 10%, that is 10 Fen back, he reported to 10 dollars, the same tax rebate rate becomes a piece of money, an increase of 10 times. The other is a false name, it does not belong to the export tax rebate goods report into the export tax rebate products, such as electronic products, such as some two tubes reported higher tech solar cell.

of course, but also to the customs crackdown export tax fraud legitimate business export of cross-border electricity supplier put forward higher requirements. At present, in addition to the traditional export trade enterprises and enterprises to take the general trade export of cross-border B2B path, go parcel cross-border export enterprises can obtain the export tax rebate B2C.

before, due to the characteristics of multi variety and small batch, multi frequency, domestic cross-border electricity supplier companies generally choose products will be sent to the outside through the mail goods channels, but without the export declaration, the export of products can not enjoy tax rebates. But since January 1, 2014, "the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on cross-border e-commerce retail export tax policy notice" the formal implementation of the policy, pointed out that the implementation of value-added tax and consumption tax rebate policy to meet the conditions of the cross-border e-commerce retail export enterprises. With the tax rebate channels have been gradually, for cross-border electricity supplier online private custom of export goods, the seller can really achieve tax exemption.

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