Mogujie com said the merger of the beautiful settled June as CEO

[Abstract] the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, and beauty by 2:1 on the price of additional investment, Tencent.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reports

lasted nearly a year of rumors finally come true, earlier today, and beauty through the internal mail mode announced the merger, according to e-mails, June will serve as CEO lead the new development of the company, the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, and beauty by 2:1 on the price of Tencent as the beauty of existing shareholders the additional investment, after the merger the new company.

in 2013, the most popular electricity supplier shopping guide site is beautiful and, but this model quickly led to the vigilance of ali. Ma Yun issued a "do not support within the upstream shopping guide website continues to expand, Ali traffic entrance should be grassland rather than forests, support the rebate site instructions.

blocked the beauty that had to turn to the self business platform of the road, rely on is accumulated in the electricity supplier shopping guide industry in popularity and traffic, excellent shops line, beautiful to say good on-line shop. According to the Tencent of science and technology at the beginning of last year, Hillhouse capital has proposed the merger proposal to both sides, but Xu Yirong and June hold negative attitude to the merger, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. But before the merger occurred several times similar to the capital of the winter suddenly to want to say that the beauty of IPO and, a new round of financing is very difficult. This time the two sides merge, hold together for warmth, to achieve the IPO cash became the only choice at present.

so at the end of last year, the negotiations restarted and made rapid progress.

on both sides of the message, said the beautiful founder Xu Yirong did not mention the future trends of science and technology, but according to the Tencent to understand: "after the beautiful and original merger rumors, beautiful said he began to develop higo services, there are rumors in the internal time, said higo is the focus of the next step to Xu Yirong’s goal." Beautiful said higo is beautiful at the end of 2014 began to hatch inside a are scouring the sea platform, Angelababy has become a well-known actress in September last year, said the beautiful HIGO brand ambassador, and served as chief officer HIGO said the beautiful fashion.

for both internal mail CEO June internal mail:

, a small man who Xiaoxian,

just, beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong sent a full email, confirmed a long time outside speculation: and beauty is about to merge into a new company.

of the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, and beauty by 2:1 on the price of the Tencent as beautiful existing shareholders, the additional investment in the new company after the merger. This will result in a valuation of nearly $3 billion of new companies, fashion media and fashion to become a well deserved leader in the field.

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