V5shop shop system to avoid business errors B2C prospects

The latest release of

"network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" for the B2C enterprise, is definitely a good news, do not regulate the behavior of online sellers of real name system, industrial and commercial registration such as the introduction of the new policy will effectively restrict the small sellers, they weakened by low sales before the impact to B2C enterprise, build a fair competition platform for enterprises and individual sellers.

and small sellers have Taobao, pat, a business model: C2C platform "backing" compared to B2C is more enterprises rely on their own strength. The pace of development of domestic electronic commerce rapid, lack of corresponding talent reserves, lack of business ideas, and e-commerce is also not successful uniform model for imitation, so enter the e-commerce B2C enterprises in this competition in online sales is not good, the size of the market is far behind its overall sales in the C2C online shopping. The domestic online shopping market accounted for less than 1%.

misunderstanding: commodity type and price advantage

some of the current e-commerce experts talk about enterprise B2C, will be referred to the types of goods and price advantage, because the price is too low, will affect the entities under the line of sales, will affect the traditional channel profit, it is difficult to estimate the impact of pricing; and the store sales were flat, consumers will choose to buy in most stores, e-commerce build a platform to spend huge sums of money loses its value.

this reflects the most domestic enterprises lack of research and understanding of e-commerce, thinking only sales in the auxiliary line under the stage, on the other hand, the enterprise will provide a way to explore B2C focal point. As long as the enterprises find the difference with the traditional channels of goods, and to develop the influential price, we can make full use of the brand advantage and logistics service network, its advantages, quickly occupy a space for one person in electronic commerce.

the fact that some traditional clothing enterprises in coastal has through customized specifically for the network marketing brand and other means to solve the differential operation, the types of goods and stores the same, the lack of price advantage of contradiction, preliminary achieved good sales performance. There are a number of companies will be positioned as a special style B2C sales platform, or used to digest the inventory of goods over the season, or

used to sell products with the next line of auxiliary products, such as offline sales suits, online sales tie accessories, such as sales through incentives to promote the improvement of the overall performance.

error two: online sales and facade sales is difficult to effectively interact

causes this misunderstanding also stems from the enterprises in the construction of B2C platform, and without the market research and profit model planning, resulting in online sales and sales window to play a unified fight fight the enemy separately, the advantage of scale. At this point, the domestic Suning Appliance should provide a good solution for the enterprise.

when consumers shop in the store, the sales staff will be informed by the company’s B2C platform can advance >

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