The first tax decryption shop development sample 7 annual sales of billions of dollars


stands in his clothing warehouse, Zhou Qinnian complacent.


Zhou Qinnian’s shop has its own studio.


shop dedicated model on location.


Zhou Qinnian shop is located in Hankou gold and Silver Lake warehouse.


chart / China Economic Net

duty-free era, such as the end of the shop can be too long?

a $4 million 300 thousand price tax bill, let Taobao shop "my one percent" unexpected popularity – the first official tax Chinese shop.

at the same time, the "super" tax real scale of the "most cattle China online clothing store" for the first time exposure last year’s online sales of up to 105 million yuan, even if in reality many large clothing store is also very difficult to reach. In the millions of shop "trees" talent shows itself as the first shop only spent 7 years.

the rise of this shop can be described as a miracle in China’s e-commerce arena. In its founder Zhou Qinnian seems, 7 years inadvertently layout, and now seems to be unable to see the battlefield smoke.

as a sample, Zhou Qinnian to want to rely on the online venture rich people with unlimited reverie. However, now that the "success" seems to be too early to say, although Zhou Qinnian said the most willing to pay 4 million 300 thousand yuan of taxes, but also makes him very painful, and to the shop operation brought great difficulties.

this year, Zhou Qinnian shop tax will reach about 10000000 yuan. There is no "free" advantage, "how far the women’s first online shopping store? The successful model really can copy the Qinnian week


Zhou Qinnian considered introverted, not talkative. Most of the time, he was bored at home, wondering how to make women better sell.

"abjection scholar" open shop

"super tax" incident caused great shock in the domestic media, Zhou Qinnian was digging three feet pounded, but most of the time he stealth network untraceable.

in February 2004, the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts graduate Zhou Qinnian 30 years old, opened the first shop in, it has a great relationship with his introverted personality. "Don’t deal with people in the virtual world."

Zhou Qinnian said, the shop sponsor strictly speaking it should be his wife, his wife was in the online sale of second-hand clothes, and he has opened two.

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