Bi Sheng vertical B2C has not been acquired value

on the two week, music Amoy CEO Bi Sheng to talk about their own company from the channel to the brand transformation. Bi Sheng electricity supplier B2C pessimistic remarks, which caused considerable controversy within the circle. But Bi Sheng seems to care.

vertical B2C are acquired value is not

online shopping is not a scam, online shopping is a trend, I said the electricity supplier scam, just to say that the vertical purchase and sale of pure class B2C.

has a lot of business platform is B2C from the vertical turn past, what is the platform referring to? Is the sales have reached a certain scale up, then you can eat other people can not eat, is to put yourself into real estate, to get rid of the previous as a retailer of the burden, can earn money. However, this pattern has been the end of the platform, in addition to the future of Taobao and Jingdong, the remaining one will be in Dangdang, Amazon, Suning between.

platform to determine the pattern of the rest of the B2C who do not even have the value of the acquisition. Why? On the platform, on the technology people have, on the warehouse there are people, on the logistics of self built, on the category of people have, why would you buy it?

music Amoy is paraplegia below the waist, many others are neck high paraplegia

music Amoy done at the end of last year, I think there is a big problem. At that time, the music Amoy finance is pretty good, that is, if we are disabled, I am paraplegia below the waist, many of them are high paraplegia below the neck. It is the high cost, to know that I take Internet advertising has always been lower than others, but the cost has been high, but not the market investment can not let people know their own, this is a dead cycle.

as for the cost of the algorithm so clear, why other B2C insisted, I do not want to understand, we may also want to gamble. I don’t talk about any of my previous opponents and peers, I think everyone is very bitter. I am glad to wake up early.

e-commerce is a bitter business, since I chose this road, or I will break it, or I will die, this is my character, the death of at least a brilliant, this is my idea.

is to say, there are two paths in front of you, the way one die, a road is out of business platform circle, since it can not be profitable, the business to go to Liu Qiangdong ma. It’s like a desert planet, Liu Qiangdong and Jack Ma set up two universe companies, water this thing is done by them, this time you do?.

does not intend to enter the line under

in fact, the Internet brand is the same as the traditional brand, if I go to the Oriental Plaza Shop, everyone will think I am a traditional brand. In fact, I have not received 300 emails, do the traditional shoe line shop people to do our agent.

but we’re not going to go down the line, because

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