Microsoft launches ultra short CN domain name with Google

following Google (Google) enabled a simplified version of the short domain name, Microsoft has also recently enabled the and two short domain names. Insiders pointed out that the demonstration effect of well-known companies, may lead to more companies chase the short domain name. Simple and easy to remember, easy to spread the short domain name market will continue to rise.

reporter yesterday, the test found that the short domain name Microsoft newly opened not only easy to remember, it is also a lot of convenience. You do not need to enter a complete domain name ( or, simply type or in the IE address bar, you can go directly to the WindowsLive registration page. In addition, Microsoft input short domain name in the IE address bar, don’t need to write the input switch size, whether, w.CN, or W.CN, can successfully enter the Microsoft WindowsLive registration page, which greatly facilitates the users not familiar with English China.

short domain name easy to remember, easy to spread, can produce a "eye effect" for the website, so more and more companies began to favor short domain name. In fact, before Google and Microsoft, the six room video website a little famous will have their own domain name changed from to, "a simplified version of the domain name" prompted the site quickly by Internet users in a wider range of cognitive. Industry analysts believe that the well-known websites have enabled a simplified version of "domain name, may cause other website imitation but easy to remember the short domain name market will call. Reporters yesterday login well-known domain name transaction website domain name, domain name for sale in the list, it is difficult to find a single letter.Cn domain name, domain name short at present is priceless.

it is worth noting that, as a well-known multinational companies, Microsoft and Google enabled the short domain name is not.Com domain name, but by Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) under management,.Cn suffix for the Chinese top-level domain name, domain name shows the.Cn value is more widely recognized. Statistics show that as of the first half of this year, the total amount of more than 6 million.Cn domain names, in the global top-level domain name,.Cn domain name after Germany’s.De domain name, ranking the world’s second.

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