Taking the wedding photography website as an example to analyze the reputation and brand building of

many companies want to make their business website set up into the industry or in the area where the city name card, let you mention this industry or the city can reflex think of enterprise and enterprise website. As a type of e-commerce website, we should pay attention to the credibility, reputation and brand building. Regional wedding photography website also need to pay attention to the word of mouth and brand building, from the following several aspects of the site’s reputation and brand building.

first, the site to highlight the content. Website promotion aims to increase website hits, let more people know and visit the corporate Web site, and the type of wedding photography website mainly by the pictures, how talent shows itself in these sites, it would have to make their own business characteristics, in addition, in order to improve the attractiveness of the site will be all the best photography set the discount information, out of the ordinary shooting style, a senior photographer, unique location text introduction. Generally speaking, the website should be up to the main slide, demonstrate the unique sample store display. Then there is the text message, which includes:

(a) introduced the price of the system and the content included, the best price and the amount of the original amount of the activities listed together to give customers a strong visual impact, so that they really feel the intensity of the discount.

(two) website forum, some customers shoot samples (various shooting methods and various locations were selected at the same time, some show) are simply introduced, it is best to attract customers to my message, the photography of praise and recognition, including browsing the forum for the wedding praise message content. This can greatly enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of the site.

secondly, with local media cooperation, to create corporate and corporate reputation. In cooperation with local media, can expand brand influence, as the wedding photography website, effective media is mainly local brand forum and the fashion press, which is the main forum to local brands, for example, will be the main Wuhan hotline in Wuhan, the main local brand forum, can establish the good brand image in the within a short period of time the mind, enhance the visibility, fashion press as the first life is to play a supporting role, through the promotion of the above two ways, allowing users to form a good brand image. In addition to the above two methods, but also on a regular basis to find a large brand of cooperation, you can rely on its brand influence word-of-mouth promotion, often can achieve the multiplier effect.

again, the brand can be combined with local characteristics, so that it has more local characteristics and easy to be accepted. In the early development of the website, can organize a field can be combined with the local characteristics of the activities in the region, such as the wedding photography website can be combined with regional such as sponsorship held a collective wedding ceremony, accompanied by the coupons or draw free wedding photography places etc., so that the effect will be very good at: direct access to customer resources at the same time, to the local news website or newspaper reported that in the potential >

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