and ALi family domain

this evening to check the bank card account, $finally to my account, after more than a month with the Hongkong people’s domain name transaction, finally came to an end, the heart also has many good.

              the sale of the domain name is "", I registered in early 07, when I was on the Internet, has been thinking about what kind of domain name to invest in the money? At that time, see Alibaba’s Alipay and Ali software are based on the "Ali" line, considering the existing Alibaba business, after that the Alibaba will enter the virtual banking business, so at that time put " registration down.

              " was; "nobody registered, because of the silver hand is not enough, so there is no registration, no thought of 08 years, "" are Alibaba registered, natural "" value rise, many people buy write finally, sold to a Hongkong people, because the first dollar transactions, a few detours, have this experience, will know better how to name the transaction.

to tell you the truth, I don’t want to sell "", but no way, now the business period, need for too much money, must spend money everywhere, also recently on the new server, once spent more than 30 thousand, so can only endure pain pain, the sale of the Ali family name, because I venture – the online financial management platform, the development of online banking customers has reached a critical moment of vital importance. If you can not make a breakthrough, it will be possible to fail, in order to 1% of the probability of success, we must pay the sweat and effort of 100%.

business is really just the investment domain for the same reason, I am 06 years began to choose the investment domain, so late into this business, naturally good domain name not only to find the value of the domain name, some marginal, currently have more than and 600, but keep the corn especially hard, so far, is the highest selling price a, before selling corn, are relatively cheap.

              now is to try to sell corn, for in my hand I could not afford to raise, when the registration of corn, also left the right pick pick, not pick. Have a bucket of gold is really hard to dig in such a mature market, just like the original to make money online network of accounting, especially development of network has been mature, and many business are very fierce competition.

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