The 413 night of the most brilliant music as eco easy to car to LETV red carpet star service

April 13th staged sharing music as ecological night, destined to be the most dazzling recent music as one of the "field", "physical field" concept, whether it is the electric field, gravity field or electromagnetic field, in addition to the internal force and external force field "work" is the key to ecological LETV the family car is easy to provide super seamless limousine service for nearly a hundred star scene, from the airport to the red carpet, to provide the most professional and private security transfer support. Not only that, but also to the deployment of capacity, to protect the needs of nearly 10000 spectators at the scene of the car.



Easy to car traffic

fully equipped for the

why the car is easy to prepare hundreds of cars for the stars? Because half of entertainment to the people! Hua Chenyu, Victoria Song, including Li Yuchun, Huang Zhilie, Coco Lee, Park Hae Jin, Chen Xiao, Hawick Lau, Ma Su and other popular stars are in them.


Ma Li ride easy to car arrived at the scene


Ruby Lin ride easy to car arrived at the scene

has always been easy to its high standard in the industry become an independent school bus service, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality passenger vehicle driver is easy to the outside world for consistent evaluation car service, and to ease in 2015 as the holding, easy to immediately launched strong preferential activities, making the low car prices have also become a major features easy to. Easy to network is currently about car industry only by sharing the travel business passengers driver two-way selection mode, to ensure the equal rights of both parties, together with the platform of the driver and passenger evaluation system, to achieve very effective to control the market basic quality of service quality drivers and passengers, which not only embodies the sharing economy the advantages, but also ensure the quality of service platform.


Li Xiaolu and


Jordan Chan couple


Coco Lee, Huang Zhi, Park Hae Jin,


Du Jiang couple

is worth mentioning is that easy to in music as ecological night, not only to provide services for celebrities, but also for meeting nearly 10000 guests and the audience to provide car service. The party has many links can shake the car is easy to grab coupons, because the party early in the morning until the end, the car is easy to increase the supply of vehicles is still around this, ensure that everyone can sit on the bus to go home.

today is easy, and the depth of integration of music as ecology, ecological car will be ready, provide travel services advocate the best experience sharing. Especially since the spring of this year, with a strong.

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