We offer to establish ERP ferret clothing market value

domestic electricity supplier "negative and the game" game intensified, vip.com to reduce domestic bleed listed business valuation, the electricity market is constantly expanding, and the business enterprise had more and more distress, market competition is so cruel, everyone knows that the future market is excellent, but many enterprises will have now. An article where the "second spring" Jedi or give dying kicks in, the author makes a brief summary of the guest, this article the author wants to provide a suggestion to the customer, although the lowly, but still hope that we can be top to see the proposed sale idea I pin. (text / Wang Liyang)

+ERP where the horizontal expansion and vertical roots frustrated nuggets

three months ago I wrote the above values suggest every guest focus on the depth of excavation in the clothing market, probably the lowly, the opinions of all passengers are not caused by high-level attention, and today I want to reiterate this point of view, is the guest should be the development of the ERP system, the depth of mining clothing market of higher value.

a few years ago, people’s food and clothing is a problem when the clothes are almost everywhere, and sewing, but today is different, when can meet the basic material life, people are more concerned about the spiritual life, that is out of the ordinary people want to use the psychological, in the clothing market is called the phenomenon of "zhuangshan". Where consumers are mostly young people around the age of 20, such groups generally cannot independently make money, so where the price is very suitable for the consumer, but can not make money does not affect the young people the pursuit of personality, fashion, outstanding psychology, where customers should use the mentality of young consumers, to reduce the probability of Zhuangshan through the development of ERP system.


said every guest this year VT will not turn all single, until sold out, replenishment, to attract users to participate in the purchase. In fact, this way has been done in the primary stage of the author said, to develop a set of accurate ERP system will help customers overall product sales, the use of ERP system to improve the existing resources to Pareto optimal condition. Where the customer on each piece of clothing the shipping address is recorded, the number of selling the same style clothes in the same area is limited, according to the number of consumers, area size, etc. with the aesthetic vision variable than the variable conditions estimated "Zhuangshan rate", then according to the data of the production of clothing, according to the situation in different regions on the this will make every guest, products as much as possible to achieve the Pareto optimal effect.


finally appeared where customers buy clothes will appear with a benign condition of Zhuangshan, where the clothes of the overall sales will rise, while single clothing sales will decline, but the overall sales rise will bring greater benefits to customers. But, if we can avoid the situation that every guest clothing Zhuangshan, premium ability will be stronger, increase rate can be higher, and the gross margin is higher.

sales rose, gross margin also

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