Jingdong push public logistics package by square dance aunt completed the last mile

Zhao Chenting

by the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong personally led the O2O project team, in the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong on the day of the ceremony finally emerges, which is also home Jingdong President Wang Zhijun at the Jingdong home products on-line public debut.

Jingdong home clothing is a new green, I told you in this form of clothing, Jingdong O2O is different from the traditional business of Jingdong." Dressed in green T-shirt Wang Zhijun told the first financial daily reporters.


in March this year, the establishment of an independent subsidiary, in their O2O products from the "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", because of the recent recruitment of Crowdsourcing logistics personnel to the society and concern. But the industry’s largest curiosity is, in this once because the courier Crowdsourcing platform – everyone express hot up but caused a lot of controversy in the market, with self distribution known Jingdong home how to play


who can become a part-time courier

Jingdong to get out of the crowdsourcing logistics personnel apply for conditions that seem to be equivalent to zero threshold.

the recruitment page, a smart mobile phone, at least 18 years of age can sign up to become a Jingdong home Crowdsourcing part-time staff, male or female, free time, after training posts, grab a single distribution can be obtained after the completion of a single 6 yuan reward.

this Crowdsourcing model is gaining momentum with the current car, carpool similar application. Spare time many car owners can be taken into account when drivers in their spare time, and usually according to work on the car can also choose to carpool subsidies for household.

but above the premise is to make money you have a car. In contrast, crowdsourcing courier is responsible for the shuttle is courier, but also do not need a car.

According to information released by the Jingdong

, the applicants covering different crowd, white-collar workers, college students, Internet workers are involved, there has been a "promising" of fresh products are more familiar with the square dance aunt uncle who also appeared in the.

and "Jingdong Crowdsourcing" in Beijing on the line, the first is a white-collar work in Xiaoyun road grab his day after he took to a single family residence nearby, and sent to the hands of users in two hours.

only every 6 yuan reward, for the majority of white-collar workers are not too attractive. And there are a lot of free time square dance aunt uncle became the most anticipated presence.

After all

product positioning is to provide home Jingdong within 3 km, supermarket products, fresh flowers, delivery and other types of life services to users. For many elderly people, this range is in their own homes near yo curved distance.

, however, the problem with the above scenario is how many older people are able to use the phone and are willing to join.


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