The electronic commerce layout decision model B2B2C final chengdaqi

e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, the model for electronic commerce is becoming more and more fierce, everyone wants to find an optimal mode, after all decide the mode of development, but to a great extent, the layout is determined by the choice of pattern direction.

mode evolution, B2B2C trend

has two typical cases in the mode of e-commerce, is a big Chen Tianqiao, another is the electronic commerce big ma.

when Shi Yuzhu spent a lot of money to play a game, then ask Chen Tianqiao to play and creative team dinner, after Shi Yuzhu to three times the salary from the team, 4 years after Shi Yuzhu’s giant market, profit more than a grand. After Chen made a change: since I can’t be creative monopoly in this industry, then I will monopolize the whole market. Let go in the development of this link, turn to other chain rules, absorb new world order to make agents, to acquire, achievement of a stable and open platform. Chen to his transformation, with his B2B2C achievements of today’s strong position of a grand: to 20% share of the Chinese online game market leader.

another is Ma Yun, the prophet was also unable to withstand some time ago, throwing his B2B+B2C+C2C=B2B2C equation, promote the concept of net goods. Ali Empire also began to integrate the major resources, in the direction of the establishment of the entire e-commerce industry chain platform. The first is the Alibaba B2B platform is Taobao C2C platform, and then test the B2C Taobao mall, with Alipay, integrity, software, advertising and so on, eventually merged into B2B2C, have to say this is a huge project, Ma Yun for 10 years the Bureau of cloth.

called "B2B2C", in which the first "B" is the supplier, the second "B" is the platform, "C" is the customer. This concept is not a new concept, as early as 04 years, 8848 to enable B2B2C mode after restructuring; 07 years, Hongkong new net start B2B2C platform in the "little red"; 08 years, hundreds of billions of network also teamed up with GOOGLE to start B2B2C to build e-commerce of small and medium sized enterprises.

B2B2C advantage and threshold


mentioned above, many companies early to test the water B2B2C, but after testing these years, they basically disappeared, the reason is mainly because they do not have a pattern of accumulation. Like having a great magic, but even the most basic horse can pierce instability, how can a day practicing magic


B2B2C as a new era of electronic composite business model, he is the most basic and most core advantage is "composite". In the coexistence of a variety of electronic commerce today, businesses and businesses, between businesses and consumers, consumers and consumers have gradually merged, forming a comprehensive large high intensive platform, not only.

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