Teachers and students social learning website Edmodo financing 25 million

NetEase Francisco July 19th message, according to foreign media reports, the teachers and students interactive learning website announced the day before Edmodo, the company completed $25 million C round of financing. This round of financing by the global venture capital industry one of the leaders of the company NEA New Enterprise Associates (NEA) led by Vc firm Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital, Union Square Ventures and Learn Capital participated in the round.

this round of financing, new investors NEA partner Toni · Florence (Tony Florence) to become a member of the board of directors. Currently, the total amount of financing Edmodo has reached $47 million 500 thousand.

learning website Edmodo is a professional social platform for teachers and students to contact and exchange. Teachers can share assignments, class resources, projects, and notifications through the site, and be able to distribute test questions to students. In April this year, Edmodo has said that the site has 7 million users for the use of the 80 thousand schools.

Edmodo now claims that the site has 8 million registered users, the service covers the United States in the 100 school districts in the 85 school districts. This platform is also in Southeast Asia, Australia and Britain have achieved steady development.

Florence said, Edmodo is undoubtedly the best social education in primary and secondary schools in the United states. It is important that it is established with API features. Edmodo launched API in March this year, allowing third party developers to develop applications on the Edmodo, which provides an excellent opportunity for educational technology developers.

LinkedIn, co-founder Greylock Partners partner · Reid; Hoffman (Reid Hoffman) said, Edmodo this educational website can be compared with Facebook, Edmodo has developed into a sharing platform, because teachers want to contact each other, the best learning resources in the same place. On Facebook, friends will exchange similar professional experience."

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